Saturday, August 13, 2011


Stop biting your nails...the wait is over. A potty update!

No news is good news, right?

Let me just say--he's doing G-R-E-AT! (with a little encouragement from Big Bear)

Huh?? Felix?

Hold your pee, folks (sorry, too easy)--nope--that ain't Mil-o-so-vich. But the truth is, my 1 1/2 year old is kicking tush and taking names with the potty bid-ness. We plop him down for all of our "potty parties" with Miles and 99% of the time, he pees AND poops. Today, in fact, he pooped 3 times during the day!

I mean, if I could get a "twofor" out of this rigmarole, I might start playing the lottery regularly.

Now, I will not say that we are NOT attempting to formally potty train a 1 1/2 year old as he really doesn't get the whole system, Instead, I call this strategic diaper recovery. Still--Felix has started repeatedly asking to use the potty throughout the day. We also recognized that he asks for the potty a lot after he has actually wet his diaper. Readiness? Nah--not enough to formally do anything outside of synchronized potty sitting with his big bro. My hope is that in a year or so when we formally start his training, we'll have primed the pump so that we aren't dealing with the issues we have with Miles.

Y'all, I love Miles so dearly...but there is not one other part of parenting I LOATHE so much as potty training. I imagine teaching him how to drive may elicit similar emotions. I guess I should have expected this from a kid who although came almost 7 weeks early, took 11 months to crawl and 15 to walk. My mom was like, "give him a break--he was premature." Not sure that logic holds weight anymore, but I can see it now...

"Miles, it's okay you haven't had your first kiss yet. were premature." 


So the current strategy is: exploit his innate follower tendencies. And who better to follow than his peeing and pooping younger brother?  

Competitive potty sitting is working so-so. Miles  does pee after we throw the imaginary confetti and dance around at Felix's numerous potty successes...but it's usually on order of an ounce. I was worried about control, but from the looks of it, he has too much control.

The other night, Miles peed 6 separate times in the span of 3 minutes.

"I peed!"

Party commences. Mini M&M is ingested. And he goes back on the potty. 10 seconds later...

"I peed!"

Party commences. Mini M&M is ingested. And he goes back on the potty. 10 seconds later...

You get the drill. No, the wool hasn't been pulled over my eyes. I know he's abusing the system in the name of chocolate. And yes. We have mini M&Ms

And let's not start on the poop part. We are just not there. But we'll get there. He's 3 1/5 around Christmas, so I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Look! More blackmail below!

And in case you doubt Miles's interest in "let Felix do it first and I'll follow mentality," we had a potty party a little before bath time the other night. Eric was putting together our new grill, so I put Felix in underwear as well as Miles because it would only be about 20 minutes until bath--ya know--diaper saving tactic. Felix had just peed, so I figured we were safe to go outside in just their undies.

Well, outside, Felix was becoming one with nature and I noticed he had peed through the underwear (should I get this kid tested for diabetes? He pees A LOT!)...I said,

"Oh no! Felix peed in his underwear!"

And...then...Miles looked at me--stone cold face--and I knew what was coming---

"I'm peeing in my underwear like Felix!"

Are you kidding me??

So here we are. And yes, in the picture above the potty area looks remarkably like Miles's room. We have some fear of the bathroom (and I think the flushing), so we are taking it baby steps.

The real challenge is going back to school. Miles does not wear pull-ups unless it is for naptime or bedtime. And if you ask him to wear them during alternative times (like going to the library so he doesn't christen their rug again, he says no). In terms of using pull-ups at all, he saturates himself during sleep. I'm not in the business right now of trying to train him at night...and let me just interrupt myself and give a shout out to NatureBaby Care pull ups--we ran out and in a pinch had to get some generic brand at Walmart and they are a-w-f-u-l!, but Miles will not even step foot in the bathroom at school. He asks me if it is "loud" and I know he is scared of it. They also use a little mini toilet, which I know will take a long time for him to feel comfortable sitting on. We are just a long way from getting him to pee in public--at least if it is outside of sitting on a portable potty chair in the backseat of my car, which we do a lot.

But we'll get there. He did eventually sleep through the night. He did eventually crawl. He did eventually walk. He did eventually talk...and he will eventually master the potty--even if it is after his brother.

Shot in the dark, but if there are any blog stalkers out there who have trained a resistant boy--PLEASE comment or e-mail me. Or any one of you more fortunate readers (I know who you are) who cannot relate because the potty thing has come a little easier, maybe you can ask around your own friend circles for anyone who might help? Looking for some suggestions, validation, commiserations. (Do I sound too desperate, yet?)

-What do you do with a boy who is afraid of a public toilet? How about just a regular adult toilet?
-Anyone else have a child who only pees in tablespoons? Not sure how to get him to figure out how to release the entire bladder in one sitting.
-How do you deal with transitioning from systems at home into systems at school?
-Tell me that by age 4 I'll be looking back on this time and laughing...please?

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  1. OK, so i may be way out of my league with offering (technically unsolicited) advice, but here goes...
    As for being afraid of the toilet, we've been there. I bought an annoing kid toilet seat that sits on top of ours...sesame street characters, the whole 9 yards. Also, a step stool. For some reason, feeling like a 'big girl' and climbing up to the toilet and using the seat like mommy erased the fear. I couldn't flush with her in the bathroom for several months after that, but that's another story.
    As for the underwear, I'm ashamed to admit how we conquered that...absolutely DFACS worthy, I'm sure. I bought panties with her favorite characters (Dora, Kai Lan, and Princess Tiana) and explained in full detail that they were her friends. They would be so sad if she peed/pooped on them and if it happened, mommy would have to throw them away. I.DID.THAT...don't judge me, please! But, after throwing away two pair of dora panties (and subsequently fishing them out of the trash and into the wash...hey, they are way to expensive to throw away), accidents became few and far between.
    Nowhere near nighttime trained yet (I can't even imagine how to handle that one) and I know girls are way different from boys, but I hope something i wrote helps.

    p.s. How's your MRSA hand doing?