Friday, September 2, 2011


Meet Ned:

Welcome to the collection, Ned!

The time has come to diversify. Elefante and knitted beanie/bunny hats will always be my staples, but I got a new knitting book:

And have started diversifying my knitted projects. There are quite a few toys I am just itching to try, and luckily, lots of new babies on the way to experiment.

Someday I'll make a library of my knitted goods for my's like the shoemaker's kids--always going barefoot.


  1. Please make the giraffe! Want.

    Your knitting skills are amazing.

  2. That last comment was from Tracey, this one is from me... He needs eyes! He looks like one of those freaky blind witches from clash of the titans!

  3. He is adorable! I agree with Tracey. I would love to see the giraffe - not blind of course.

  4. NED!!!! Great name! :)
    xo, Amber