Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Knitting: FAIL

Today's menu: a little humble pie.

I've tried 3 times to make something "knit" for Eric.
Scarf x1
Scarf x2
Hat x1

I need to stick to toy animals and baby hats.

I mean, this doesn't even fit Felix! (And the only way he would sit still was to put PBS on the TV for 10 minutes--thanks Curious George!) We cannot figure out what he looks like...it's almost like a knit bowl cut. Wait a minute...they sell those fake beards on etsy, maybe I can start selling knit bowl cuts? I'll move into mullets, fish tail braids for the gals....nah, I'll just stick with my purchasing power and Etsy.

I did, in fact, follow a very easy pattern I found on ravelry, but might have to keep searching.

Please tell me your laughing...or that you have a doll that needs a cable knit hat/bowl cut. Because at this point, I am not sure it would even fit a newborn.


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