Sunday, September 4, 2011

Naptime Maki

I'm still on my baby shower gift making bonanza, so have to take advantage of wedges of times, like nap time, to complete my projects.

What can you do with all these items from Target? All ranging in price from $1 (socks) to $6 (onesies)?

Make sushi!

I've been on a sushi kick since the boys' Halloween costumes, if you'll remember: (Thanks to Etsy for Miles's costume and Mahna for Felix's.)

Recently a friend linked to this baby shower gift idea on her blog, and I decided to give it a whirl. Felix and I were running a ton of errands this morning while Dad and Miles were on a "Daddy date," and much to my surprise, Felix was just about as into picking out the elements to the gift as I was. He chose the striped socks, and didn't let go of them until we got home. 

It's really simple--you just roll up the pairs of socks in the white onesies along with a hair bow, secure with a rubberband, and then cut out felt "seaweed" to wrap around. The fish wash buddy and 3 wash cloths were a great addition--more like sashimi. And then I just plated on an Asian inspired plastic plate from Target. For the finishing touch, I rummaged around our drawers for a spare pair of chopsticks from some takeout that I am sure occurred back in 2009. Pretty good, eh?

The only disappointment is that I needed to package the sampler up so I could wrap it with the few other gifts I got my friend. I got some $1 saran-like wrap from the dollar store since we don't own any clear plastic wrap, and this was the best I could do. The effect isn't exactly what I would want, but it will suffice.

Wasabi anyone?


  1. awww, so cute! ooh, i have a friend who just had a baby. maybe i could do this for a gift for her.

  2. That is so cute! Makes me want sushi for dinner.

  3. This is so cute!! I'm totally going to do this for the next baby shower I go to! Hope you don't mind! :)

  4. That came out so adorable! Now I definitely need to try it sometime...

    I'm all about sushi themes for Jax too... We love taking him to our favorite sushi joint. He has a sushi scrapbook page and I'm brainstorming ideas for a page in his quiet book.

  5. Great idea, Alli! :) I make my own fruit baskets to deliver to people who are sick or in the hospital. If you wrap with saran wrap (dollar store stuff is ok), use a hair dryer to "shrink-wrap" it :)
    Yael :)

  6. You are so clever! What a beautiful presentation! It reminds me a bit of the towel and linens wedding "cake" that Ginna created for your wedding shower. I am in awe of the creativity you all display.
    You could find colored cellophane - rest the gift in the middle of a square of it, gather it together and tie with a ribbon.