Tuesday, September 27, 2011


You know those days you open your fridge and wonder...hmmm...where did all the food go?

I kinda feel like that about my "creative" fridge.

Especially in that bottom drawer I call "witty."

It's like I've lost that knack for writing! I'm in a writing slump.


And it's not like I don't have "material."

I mean, who wakes up to their one and a half year old who finds his way into the fridge to get a cold piece of pizza and brings it into your room while you are on the toilet? I admittedly still look at this cell phone picture once a day to generate a smile in the concentration camp office.

Or my husband putting Miles in dirty Felix pants that are WAY too small, and pairs it with wicked witch of the west socks. (Sorry, cell pictures!)

Let's not forget the fact that Miles is just now getting into this whole baby thing, and Eric was congratulated at school because my 3 year old is telling faculty I'm pregnant (I'm not.) Or the fact that whenever we bake, which we have done a lot for new mothers, Miles will say something like "my grandmother is having a baby, and she is screaming for some brownies." I cannot even go into the conversation he had with the childcare director about his anatomy parts, how they are made, what they are for, etc. It's like I've birthed children who have provided me time and time again with Parent's Magazine--the R-rated version.

Anyway, my blogging hasn't been as consistent, or as interesting, or as engaging as I feel like it used to be. I've come up with lots of excuses, the least of which are I just don't have the luxury of time. You know, like ALL that spare time when I had an infant and toddler and was pumping and helping Eric kick cancer's butt. But what I cannot get over is how much more difficult it is for me to compose as it used to be in the past.

The other culprit is facebook. I'm pretty sure if you read this (all 4.5 of you), you are my friend on facebook. So you've seen all of the pictures before, but with an abridged caption. So I kind of feel like I am stealing from myself when I write a full on blog post.

Maybe it is this new regimen of vitamins I'm taking. (Can sublingual methylcobalamin cause brain damage?)

I'm trying to remind myself that blogging is really for me (okay, and my religious following mother), and that just having a chronicling of my journey into motherhood is going to be invaluable someday when I present my sons with 11 volumes of printed blog posts...to which they will pass over to their wives (or husbands, whateves, just as long as their happy), and ask them to store it in a craft closet. Or move it to an attic.

But seriously--I think some of the biggest reasons my blogging mojo has been bruised is because I find myself doing things otherthan blogging at night. My general pattern is--idea creation in the shower or commute. Write at night. Schedule to post the next day. But now at night--I do things like knit, read, and SLEEP. No, really, I've been on this really good streak of getting myself to sleep (not to bed, but actual dream state) a lot earlier. This also means responding to fewer e-mails, trolling facebook and Google Reader less frequently, and generally reducing my risk for glioblastoma by detaching from my phone a bit. Don't worry, it's temporary.

But part of me misses this outlet of writing, so I'm going to go out and try to find my funny again.

Wish me luck. And stick with me--all 4.5 of you. I might even throw in a knock knock joke.


  1. Trying this for the 3rd time...
    Good four you taking time to re-charge your "batteries" by reading, knitting and sleeping! Every creative person needs to take a break to do that. By feeding your body and soul the with will return and the posts will pour forth again in due time.

  2. I'm sticking with you, but as much as I love reading your stories, I love the idea of you sleeping more :)