Saturday, September 17, 2011

You know Fall hasn't divorced you for the year when...

You pull out the yard equipment and use your 3 and "unders" for child labor.

Could they look any more morose? It's almost as pathetic as those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads.
Not sure, but I think he's auditioning for River Dance here...
Good thing our walkway is adequately mowed.

Yeah, those long adult rakes are a little difficult, but nothing a little problem solving cannot solve:

I promise it's not all forced child labor...(and in truth, I'll give you 1 guess who the two boys were actually asked to rake and mow the yard.)

It surely is one of life's simple pleasures being outside without oppressive heat.

Seeing the boys together, even in the simplest moments makes my heart melt.

And in light of a future post on Mad Dawg Felix and his propensity for cannibalism, hitting, and throwing (ugh...)I leave you with one of his favorite past times--experimenting with life and death--bug style. Where did this kid come from? And should I establish a preemptive set up parent-teacher conferences every month at whatever school he enrolls in (rather, lets him attend?)

First--identify an ant:
Next, posture around and show the ant "who is boss," ending in some swift capital punishment.
Rinse and repeat--just to make sure the job has been completed.
Laugh, while your mom's heart bleeds for the poor ant.

Please tell me this ISN'T how Hitler started. 

Do you think you can teach Jainism to a 1 1/2 year old? 

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  1. They have grown since I left! Yikes they look older. Take advantage of their wanting to rake and "mow". I t won't last... We found small rakes at Lowe's that are meant for raking bushes. Having child size rakes is great as most preschoolers love to rake.
    Felix's approach to bug-husbandry hasn't changed. No one crushes bugs with more joy. I don't even think he means them harm. He just has fun squishing them!