Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bricks and stones may break my bones...

...and playground benches will give you a shiner.

As if this kid needed anymore ammunition for getting the ladies to swoon.

Kooky foot upon birth resulting in months of PT and a night splint (right foot)
Scratched eye resulting in our first ER  trip at about 7 months

Broken leg and cast at a year (left leg)

"Run in" with a princess castle on a summer playdate in 2010
 I'm seeing a trend. He may be shy, but I think he's found "his game."


  1. Worked on me! I carried him to and from the nurse's office! Oh right, it was his eye not his leg. I'm a push-over.

  2. Oh my poor little guy! IT's a good thing children heal so quickly.