Thursday, October 6, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Vintage Blanket Outtakes

You know the drill by now...(and if not, click the button above to see the rules!) I was especially ragged today, but managed to keep my work clothes on and not immediately change into leggings and a running shirt when I got home. Oh...wait...I wore leggings to work. (I c-a-n-n-o-t give them up--no matter what Tim Gunn says.)

In honor of it being exactly a week since my grandmother died (and to lighten my mood) I thought I would do some outtakes for this week's Embrace The Camera of goofing with the boys and the blanket/quilt I got from my grandmother:

I hope even a little lip was turned up on your end, because I smile every time I see these two pictures. And although my grandmother was not a jokster, she had a GREAT smile and laugh, and the second to last thing she said to me the day before she died was "how are those little boys?"

Insert: tears.

For all you Embrace the Camera lurkers, you don't need to scroll down and read the's just the explanation of the quilt and blanket starring in the next few pictures. I've composed what seems like 100 posts to talk about my grandmother, but I'm not "there" yet, so this will have to suffice until I can really put into words what I want to say. Losing my grandfather, a pregnancy, and now my grandmother in a little over 3 months has been rough...and I know I keep mentioning it all, but part of my processing this is coming to terms with it all through writing. Bear with me.

 (This is what happens when you ask a 3 year old to "cuddle" with you like you do every night so Daddy can take a picture. No, I'm not smelling his pull-up...)

The quilt was handmade by my grandmother, Lila. She made it for me when I probably was about Miles's age. In fact, I have a duplicate quilt at my parents house because I wore out this quilt and loved it so much. I also have a more "adult" quilt that she made for me during my middle school and high school years. My parents have quilts, brothers, aunt/uncle/cousins...I honestly have no idea how many she made--but they were all done completely by hand on this enormous quilting frame in her basement. 

It might not be screaming testosterone, but I think it just fits Miles's room so perfectly. He actually loves the underside with the hundreds of little flowers. We use it at night to cover both of our legs during story time, and then both curl up under it during lights out/story/song time. I know Eric sits at the edge of the bed, but I *have* to jump under that quilt and snuggle up close to Miles. The quilt still has the same sort of smell it did when I was growing up. (And yes, I wash it regularly!)
 Miles! Don't kiss with your eyes open! (And it's not even the black one!)

The white/pink/blue blanket was actually a baby shower gift she received before she had her first son, my Dad--meaning it's well over 60 years old. It was made by another family member. (It's not quilting, but some other technique that I hope my mom will put a name to in the comments below.) I got it at my baby shower for Miles, and since then, both boys have used it as their favorite crib blanket. The weight, size, and shape are just *perfect.* This was one of the first things I told my grandmother when I saw her for my grandfather's funeral. I realized I had never told her how much it meant to us.

Both blankets also serve us well when we make tunnels in Felix's crib or Miles's bed. 

Just me and my boys...and a few well loved blankets. (Miss you Grandmom.)


  1. What wonderful things and memories. I Love that you use them and love them instead of putting them away.

  2. I think it is a chenille blanket, but I am not sure of the technique. I can't believe you all fit in the crib!
    I always felt sad that Grandmom and Grandpop were never able to meet your boys, but I believe that they can now look from heaven and finally see them with those special covers. What a meaningful way to remember Grandmom.

  3. When I saw that red and blue quilt, I thought, "I remember that!" It was a staple at your house and when I slept over, it was one of the things I associated with your house and your just had that warm and cozy feeling that permeated throughout the whole house. So great that your kids can use it now. How beautiful.