Monday, October 31, 2011

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

NOT corduroy and a spider.


I spent all this money on costumes (okay, I shelled out $16 for 2 used costumes at a consignment sale) because YOU, Mr Miles, wanted to be corduroy, and YOU, Mr Felix, love spiders...and you rejected them from the get go. It was almost as if I were asking you both to wear a religious hair shirt or something.

  • Thank jeebus for next fall's consignment sale (re-sell!)...
  • Kudos to Nuncle and AunT (ya for the b-day astronaut costume)
  • Huzzah for Studs (she sent a link with cute last minute Halloween costumes)
  • Bravo for The Felt Frog on Etsy (I bought  an amazingly inexpensive, homemade sticky Superman patch!)
  • Shout out for hand-me-down blazer and button down from Miles 
  • Three cheers for black electrical tape and Mama's mad mathematical taping skills (Dad's costume was free AND's pumpkin Pi, folks...use your imagination on the pumpkin part.)

THE BEARD WILL GE BONE BY SUNDAY! HOORAY!!! Sad XC season is coming to a close, but every year that thing seems to get longer.

Tonight marks the 4th time we are dressing up for Halloween. I keep reminding Eric to tell the teachers at school that yes, My littlest IS bathed each night, but the Aveda products I've styled his hair with are not coming out. He smells like a walking Van Michael's Salon. (Could be worse!)

I feel like this year was a turning point. I barely got away with forcing them to wear costumes I elected after doing Jedi mind tricks, reverse psychology, and "one potato, two potato..."

Previously, we could dress the boys up like little dolls without even a fuss. Miles's first year he was a pumpkin for all of 2 seconds, and then just wore pajamas with a Halloween theme:

Please, the look on his face in the previous 2 pictures is AWESOME!!!

The 2nd year, we repeated our idea, and had him wear glow in the dark PJs from his Aunt Heather and Uncle Ryan. (Oh, there is that orange shirt you wear all of the time, mean you wore it THIS Halloween, too? Post forthcoming)

And then I discovered Etsy, and purchased an awesome chef outfit for Miles, which we kindly let a neighbor borrow this year.
And my mom helped make a Maki roll out of our little, I mean boy. Ya for the first and only year we will be able to coordinate outfits! And the only year my son will dress up like a girl...until he hits high school and it all of a sudden becomes funny to dress up like a girl. Not that Maki rolls have gender, but the wasabi and ginger headband, and the fact that Felix was an Ali baby doppelganger, just made you question the contents of his diaper.
But this year, even after the initial costume revolt, I think we pulled of a pretty good pair. Astronaut and Clark Kent. Unfortunately, Clark hated his glasses...I don't blame him. He'll be getting those for REAL, along with a mouth full of metal and a face full of acne soon enough. Genetics...

And just because this picture makes me laugh...Felix was not about to set foot in a spider costume, or wear glasses, but he readily stole Miles's NASA hat and wore it around. And then decided he'd hang out by our friends' shed and INHALE a hot dog. It was like an identity crisis--Clark Kent, meets superman, meets Sally Ride, meets Kobyashi (sorry, had to mix in a girl astronaut because I think he still looks like me as a kid.)
Oh, and it also marks the first year our kids are really getting candy, and probably the last year we can strategically throw much of it out...and by throw it out, I mean throw it straight into our mouths.


It took WAY too long to do that in alternating colors.


  1. I LOVE the Clark Kent costume!! If I had boys, I would totally steal that for next year.

  2. You did well to get to this point without then having a say - you kids started early and expected professional looking costumes (fortunately you didn't realize they weren't all that professional...). They looked adorable! BTW, if you find a Halloween shirt or costume that works for you as an adult - go with it! That's what teachers do or have a small number of costumes to wear in rotation. Otherwise, it gets to be too stressful worrying about what to wear on top of regular responsibilities!