Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keeping the USPS in business...

Calling all cool kids!
Wanna keep the postal service in business?
Do you love getting snail mail that doesn't go straight to the recycling bin?
Do you remember how to hold a pen and do that thing called "hand write a letter?"

I just signed up for the 52 Weeks of Mail challenge.
It started on October 7, and runs know it...52 weeks!
I have 2 more days to write and send my first letter, or I'm pretty sure my membership is revoked.

That means you only have 2 days to officially start.

(You know-I have no idea if there are any real rules to this whole movement, but I have to give myself parameters, or I'll take advantage of myself. Like full on, trying for third base on a first date advantage. Wait, this is getting too weird now.)

I heard about this from my Etsy connection obsession, Christina Williams. AND if you go to her shop, she is offering a discount on her greeting cards this month! Yahoo!

(Although, many of you will be getting commissioned artwork from my budding young artists.)


I'll try to add some sort of gadget on my sidebar with my progress...I'm hoping blogger has something already developed for me to hijack.


  1. I'm with you. I Love writing paper letters and notes, and I'm relieved to learn that card sending counts(?).

  2. If you're looking for someone to write to I just adopted a troop in afganistan who isn't receiving any support or love from home. I'm trying to make sure he gets at least one piece a week too and any is welcome to join in the fun :)