Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Warding off the Germs

I'm stressed.

I know my immune system is shot.

I just want to quit and pick my family up for a long hike throughout Canada. (Maybe it's because I stayed up until 1am watching a PBS documentary on these 2 dudes 700+ day trek to follow Marco Polo's voyage across the Middle East and Asia?)

And I have this feeling that the decrease in my immune system is starting to affect the boys' systems. I mean, totally not biologically validated, but just sayin'.

We narrowly escaped the first GI bug at their school (Praise jeebus. No projectile oatmeal facials...yet), but seem to have all caught that first little winter bug.

We've tried to avoid it...

Flu shots? CHECK!
Lots of fluids? CHECK!
Good night's sleep? CHECK!
Lots of fruits and veggies? Jr Varsity CHECK! We are good on the fruit. And generally Felix is pretty good on the veggies if it is Trader Joe's organic foresome or a bowl full of marinara sauce. But Miles is a fruit and peanut butter kid. You know the book Bread and Jam for Francis...it might as well be called Bread and Peanut Butter (or Nutella) for Miles. Except he isn't getting tired of it...and I think is now down to 2 food groups. *This is proof that even if you feed your kids things like pureed dragon fruit and kale chips when they are little that they can still become picky eaters!
Elderberry Juice? CHECK! (haven't started it yet, but read about it recently and am going to give this voodoo potion a try.)

This past week, 3 of my friends and a family member has had a kid with an ear infection. PTSD over here...I hope Felix gets through the season without one! But I have a sense that the boys are getting their first cold finally. And me. And Eric.

Word on the street (or a lunch time update from my husband) is that kids are dropping like flies at school with fevers.

This is when working mom guilt becomes too much to handle. Of all weeks, my work load seems to hit fever pitch. The one person I manage is taking the rest of the week off, and I am *praying* my kids don't have to stay home from school...when in reality, I'd love to say "to heck with work, let's have a sick day and cuddle!"

But I can't.

And I hate it.

So...we are going for full strength Sambucus juice for the kids tonight...some extra caffeine for me to finish my work after they go to bed...a lot of prayer...and the hope that this Mama (and Papa) can find some more balance next week.

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  1. My heart is aching for all of you. I will keep praying that the germs stay at bay as much as possible. Try to get to bed before watching further documentaries tonight!