Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wool-y Ballz

Got-cher attention with THAT subject, no?

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Etsy.

If when I win the lottery, I'm not buying a mansion, or doing fiscally responsible things like saving for college, or buying my parents their dream house, or outfitting my brothers with vintage guitar collections--I'm going on an Etsy shopping BINGE. Heck, I might just buy Etsy myself! Stop! Don't hit unsubscribe in your reader! First, I don't play the lottery, and second I would probably shove all the money under my mattress and dole it out very responsibly to family and friends, just ensuring that my kids could go to college for free, and that Eric and I could visit the Canadian Rockies.

I've purchased so much fun and creative homemade goods from Etsy (most recently the fish/birthstone grandmother necklace that if I had time to, I'd link you back to the post But alas, I'm lazy; and have a search function if you're really interested.)

What's even cooler is a) when I become "Friends" with a seller. Because I try to do that. It's like friendship prostitution maybe--buying "goods" in hope of friendship? No, but I really do try to make connections with the artists. And b) when I'm ALREADY friends with a totally rad and hip seller.

Enter Bog Berry Handicraft. The brainchild of my childhood friend, Brooke, who makes these amazing wool dryer balls.

To "quoteth her:" These felted wool balls are made with a core of beautiful, local ( to PA), freshly carded wool batting from Lancaster County PA. (Ali's interjection--I had to take a picture of them in a PA potato basket of course!) The balls with colors or embellishments feature additional wool purchased from a company in Maine with an amazing philosophy and admirable environmental and commercial practices. Wool dryer balls reduce dryer time- the more you use, the faster your clothes dry! They also soften clothes, eliminate static,wrinkles, and when scented with an essential oil, can give your clothes a lovely subtle fragrance and/or give you that extra protection from germs ( many essential oils are antimicrobial) . These are perfect for users of cloth diapers ( which take notoriously long to machine dry).

This is the eco friendly alternative to dryer sheets which contain harmful chemicals and do not bio-degrade.

Abridged pitch:

Lower your electric bill!
Do something good for our environment!
Great for babies!
Great for dogs and cats to play with!
My dryer balls are not made of yarn...they will not unravel.
Great for juggling! Do you juggle?
Apply a few drops of lavender or cedar essential oil and use to scent drawers or repel moths!
These make a great gift for baby showers, your favorite earthy newlyweds, or that friend with lots of laundry and little time ( you!) ...anyone you know really..
Each set comes in a cloth bag- perfect for gift giving or just to store them.

I've been wanting to get a set for ages, and finally got around to ordering some. Brooke pulled through and even put in 2 special ones with an "M" and "F" in for the boys. And wouldn't you know it...Felix's ball is bigger than Miles's. That girl has some amazing clairvoyance. Ha! (Height, people, I'm talking about height.)

Look how fun they are! And they really do work amazingly well. We didn't use fabric softener or dryer sheets previously, but we did use plastic "knobby" dryer balls that seemed to always crack (that, or Felix ate them). These are perfect, work well, retain the essential oil scents I have pretty well, and really are multi-purpose.

(Not sure potato basket riding his helping his torticollis...)

I *might* be ordering these for holiday gifts...but don't let that stop you from getting some of your own. At least get started on learning how to juggle.

And let me also just add that Brooke is totally awesome. She's one of my oldest friends who I first met at an enrichment camp when we were wee ones. She didn't live in the same town at the time, but I had a sleepover at her house with her two then "baby" sisters, and we got to eat PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE CHIP SAMMIES! Okay, her mom's cool factor exploded. Then she moved to our town, and even better, within walking distance to my house. (Her mom's coolness factor got even hire when she introduced me to Dire Straits and bought her girls Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega for me to play when I came over.)

Brooke was ALWAYS the girl who wore a peace sign...a long, thick hippie braid, and knew every word to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." She was/is gorgeous, and had the cutest little sisters (one of whom had a penchant for farting on our faces when we would scrap around on the floor...I think she models for abercrombie or something now. ha!). One thing I'll always remember about her house was this drawing of an old American Indian's face on the stairwell up to her 2nd floor. At first it kinda creeped me out, and then whenever we went upstairs, I always said "How!" to him in my mind. I never told Brooke, that. I mean, how culturally insensitive was I to think "how!" was the proper greeting for the guy, but it just stuck, and I kinda felt like I needed to acknowledge him each time. Anyway...I digress.

Brooke and my paths actually sort of diverged at the tail end of high school and into college...and then we reconnected through the power of, well, maybe a little ditty called facebook. And I can say that I feel as close to her now as I did when we spent hours hanging up in her room.

She even sent the most amazing box of organic produce to use when Eric was dealing with his whole cancer shmancer thing.

I totally love Brooke--her mission, her values, her interests. It's so cool to have her still as my friend. She's amazing...

And so are her balls.

Note: I received no compensation for this post, paid in full for my balls, and was not threatened or coerced into writing this post. It's completely of my own doing, because Brooke and her balls are worth it!

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  1. I must get some and toss the hard plastic ones (unless there is something responsible to do with them....)