Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photo booth Phun

Hold your bladders peeps...because I've got some photo hilarity for you.

Photo above taken the day after Eric and I got that Eric, or Doug?

I forgot about Apple's amazing Photo Booth feature until I was bored waiting for Eric to finish cooking tonight's caramelized wings. And by bored, I mean COMPLETELY AVOIDING HAVING TO PLAY WITH TRAINS. Have I mentioned that I am the worst Mom to boys sometimes? I really, really don't like trains...I mean, I think I played with Barbie until high school. (Slight exaggeration, but I do remember enacting quite serious scenes about things like infidelity, economic recession, and maybe even premarital pregnancy...okay, maybe more exaggeration...but my Barbies DID kiss.)

Anyway, back to the topic, I went on a train strike tonight and after puzzles, drawing, and an impromptu music parade, I knew I had to figure out some other activity to avoid any opportunity for the boys to think about trains. So I opened the computer and splurged $7.99 on an iTunes Wee Sing America album after my bestie Studs recommended it because she rocked out to the entire playlist at a Marine ball she recently went to claiming her ability to sing all of the songs played is linked directly to her childhood exposure to the Wee Sing songs. (My brother may disown me for this purchase, but Pick a Bale o' cotton is worth almost all $8.) I figured, we could have a sing-a-long!

And while I was trying to get my 3 and almost 2 year old jazzed about Battle Hymn, Felix body slammed the laptop keyboard and up popped our Mac's Photo Booth.

Eric and I were obsessed with it when we first got our computer. We were like 2 silly middle school kids laughing at fart jokes. (Now my mom is disowning me for using the "f" word, but that's what middle schoolers say...and somehow my 3 year old: "Miles, did you blow gas?" "No Mommy, I farted." Sweet. I think his new imaginary friend, Doughvey, taught him that one. Or maybe Dad...)

Anyway, there has been a lot of fun with photo booth over the years...and I've saved some of my favorites. I won't identify the people below (they are not me and Eric believe it or not), but they know who they are, and I HOPE they are laughing their tails off remembering these pictures from over 4 years ago...

Tonight I discovered there is a new element of fun when you use photo booth with young children. I laughed just as hard...maybe even harder. This was after the boys first kinda freaked out when they saw our faces go wonky. Actually, truth be told, Felix was pretty terrified the whole time and scurried off into the kitchen asking for "hand! hand! hand!"whenever I switched the photo booth effect.

Sometimes, I want to just divorce myself from technology, but other times like tonight, it has given me a great ab work out.

I hope you laugh...

It's Doug Jr!

Hands down, the one of Felix below is my favorite. He's like some freakish Elf...but still wicked cute.
Here I am trying to get all artsy clever and make it look like I was pulling Felix's eye.

Yeah, yeah...Felix has a square head, but WHO IS THAT FREAK ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT? I think it is Eric? But it's creeping me out like that little boy ghost (read: cardboard cutout of Ted Danson) behind the curtain in "Three Men and a Baby"

It looks like I am inhaling their faces.

People always ask me if I have twins...(is it me, or do I look like Michael Jackson?)

Now go laugh for an hour with someone you'll make your day. Promise.



  2. It had me laughing and feeling just a little creeped out, too.

  3. I an DYING laughing. The face inhaling one is definitely my favorite. I can't believe we've never tried this with Owen before! Benjamin and I had many silly nights with Photo Booth years ago, but haven't in awhile. I know what WE'RE doing tonight.