Thursday, November 3, 2011

Psalms 81:10:" . . . open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it."

First dentist visit "Miles-"tone complete!

I wish I had one of those cute pictures where you could see Miles happily lying in the pediatric dentist chair while they cleaned his teeth...but I was only in ear shot of my terrified 3 year old, and was told by one of the handful of 20 something year old, attractive dental staff not to make eye contact. In reality, I was hardly paying mind to my crippling anxiety because I was ripping Felix off of the magazine display he scaled repeatedly in an attempt to grab the fake fall decorations on top that included a bunch of small berries. "Mommy! BERRIES!" And then I heard, "I WANT MY MOMMY!" at which point, Felix, taking that superhero costume he wore on Halloween too seriously, bolted back to where Miles was located while screaming: "MI-YO!!! MI-YO!!! CRYING!!!"

I caught him before any contact, and finally kept him busy with the old school 80's arcade games they had in the waiting room.

I did overhear some discussion about Miles's astronaut costume...something about lollipops, flashlights, and lots of "you are such a brave boy!"

Miles crept back out, toy airplane and stickers in hand, and the hygienist said he got a full cleaning AND fluoride treatment. Ah, an early Christmas miracle!

He also came back with a rubber duckie for Felix, and an extra sticker for the baby boy in mommy's tummy.

ERRR, what?

Yeah, apparently he told the hygienist that his mommy has a baby in his tummy. I think my best friend being pregnant, and his close friend's mom having twins is getting him all uterus obsessed. On the way home, he told me he wanted me to have 2 babies. I told him, verbatim, "my pelvis is too small." His response: silence. Sometimes, you need to go with the truth to confuse them and keep 'em quietly wondering. (And for now, I'm all about toasting other preggos with Verde margaritas like I did last night. No vacancies right now, mkay?)
Felix got a mouth "check" and didn't dismember any of the staff. Yahoo! No lawsuits or tetanus shots!

Although we aren't always good about the morning brushing, the night brushing and flossing is doing the trick. We still aren't going to switch to fluoride toothpaste because Miles doesn't completely spit out the paste, and Felix just inhales it, so we will stick with Berry Burt's Bees.
I'm gonna come clean. I really didn't want to take the boys to this appointment. They do FAR better when Dad is around because I am like the ultimate security blanket. But Eric's schedule didn't accommodate, so I went in feeling a huge sense of anxiety. I just convinced myself that it was okay if we walked out with a mere tooth counting; I was told many kids don't get a cleaning the first visit.

I did my due diligence and researched (excessively) different offices. There was the allure of the new pediatric dentist office down the road that has this incredibly modern "feel" to the office and "gimmicks," but sometimes, I don't trust those external queues of "greatness." I also heard that the staff was not particularly nice and doesn't handle fearful kids well. And although they had 3 cute, young, male pediatric dentists, I just knew Miles would respond better to females.

So I opted for the practice with a Jr Varsity website--functional enough to provide all the information I need, but not flashy enough to make me suspect of what's really going on. Dr Christine Scott's office was very close by, and  I heard over and over from other moms how awesome she was with kids. The whole place had a "home" kind of feel to it. And the receptionist may just be the nicest person in Georgia. She had great advice on how to approach the appointment with Miles, and when we came in, was just so fantastic about getting down to the boys' level, making them feel at home, etc. The assistants came out, did some introductory work, and then gently escorted Miles back in a way that prevented a total panic attack on his part.

All in all, it was a pretty painless experience... was the tantrum OUTSIDE of the office that Miles threw, as Felix went full speed ahead into the parking lot, that got my blood pressure going again. (What kid demands to go back into the dentist office?)

Until May, I can let the dentist anxiety go. Phew.

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