Saturday, November 12, 2011

RAK: November 2011 part deux

I had the last minute opportunity to do some knitting-based RAK. Okay--see if you can follow--the mother of a guy I went to school with through high school contacted me via Facebook asking if she could pay me to knit a sock monkey for her older son whose own son is about to turn one. I had to first claim that a) I don't have the skills to actually do a real sock monkey, b) my talents do not warrant anyone paying me for my creations, and c) none of my creations are really mine--I follow other people's patterns with only minor changes (ie, I simplify stitches I cannot do). Also, I just really wanted to send her a monkey without anything in return. I love knitting, and I had already been itching to try out this new yarn I got that actually kind of looks like sock monkey yarn.
I went into turbo knitting mode knowing I had a very tight deadline with C's birthday being in less than 2 weeks. I had to factor in a few days of knitting, and at least 3 days of shipping.

Yup. He's mine--he's got torticollis and a wonky ear! But I love him, and even though dropped all my other knitting projects and spent 3 late nights getting him done, I feel really attached to this little guy! I'm excited that I have more sock monkey yarn to give this little guy some identical siblings.

He may not be perfect, but I hope he makes a newly 1 year old smile.


  1. He's got a lot of personality! If you made two wonky ears, the creature could look like a lamb... The yarn is a great texture. I hope to find out who Little Guy is for!