Wednesday, November 9, 2011

RAK: November 2011

It's that time again! 
A little random act of kindness (RAK).
Last month's running training plan for an old high school friend is finally being developed

But what does November have in store?
Well, it was supposed to be something handcrafted and sent to one special lady...
But Etsy and Ebay have let me down in providing me with the supplies I needed.

I saw a cute post on Pinterest about a family doing all sorts of RAKs around town:
Slipping dollar bills between toys at the Dollar Store...
Taping bags of change for vending machines...
And although simple and kind, the public health nazi in me had a problem with encouraging vending machine food and drinks
(even though I have a problem getting 25 cent expired Pop cans from my office's machine)
And I have this fear that all dollar store toys are doused in lead, so I'd probably want to stick dollars next to the gift wrap or tissue paper...but that's not nearly as fun.

Pay for someone else's tolls?
Um, have any of you HEARD about the price gouging on the new 1-85 optional toll lane?


Drop off baked goods at a neighbor's door step?

I just didn't "feel" any of these ideas.
(In part because I'm still pissed at the Internet for not providing me with the supplies I need for what I originally intended to do.
I blame Al Gore)

But then, as I was writing my week's 52 week's of Mail  letter, I got some inspiration.

Google Reader.

Oh, have you heard? I'm obsessed with Justin Timberlake, naps, seltzer water, Trader Joe's organic olive oil popcorn, and Google Reader.

Last week I did a massive clean-up of all of my blogs: reorganized folders, unsubsribed from a ton of sites, and added a few new ones.
Good thing...since joining Pinterest, I have even less time at night to read blogs.

One of my folders is called "Almost Personal". What it contains is a list of 30 blogs of people who are not really my friends (ie, they have no idea who I am or what I looke like), but I wish were my friends. You know, other moms' blogs who are far more witty and popular...and have inspirational words of wisdom and many of them have crafty home businesses--but they all focus their blogs on the journey of being or becoming a mom.

In the blogging world, it's very easy to stumble upon someone else's life and anonymously subscribe (read: stalk). 

The reason I keep their blogs is that they make me laugh, tear up at times, and most post things that make me go "I TOTALLY GET YOU! I WISH WE WERE FRIENDS!"

Is this starting to sound desperate? I mean, I have the most amazing friends...and they are not imaginary...promise!

There have been only a handful of times that randoms have contacted me from my blog--mostly to ask me about torticollis (oh, bee tee dubs, Felix is going back for more PT--don't get me started), but some have sent me really wonderful messages about connecting to my story, struggles, and joy.

Those little random notes of kindness have always made my day.

So, for November, I am going to contact all 30 of the other mom blogs I subscribe to stalk, and let them know that I appreciate their writing and posting: RNK--random notes of kindess. I was going to contact 1 a day (30 days hath September, April, June and NOVEMBER!), but I'm on day 9 and have only written to 1.

Ooops! 29 to go...


  1. I think that is a wonderful idea. I think your recipients will be really appreciative as folks don't often take time to express gratitude and admiration. Super!

  2. Shanks for the mammaries. I love the card. Keep it up.

  3. PS I really feel like I need to explain the pun. Adam was going to write "thanks for the memories" but replaced 'e' with 'a'. We had a fun chuckle, and then realized it really was the perfect pun after what your card said :)