Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dip n Flip

The Flannery Brothers (awesome children's musicians) are wrapping up a brand new song about putting on your coat. It’s called “The Dip N’ Flip,”  and they would love to put YOU (or your kids, parents, grandparents, dog, goldfish, etc) in the video performing the jacket flip trick!

Go here to find out more details. 

We attempted to do it one night with our new winter jackets from Mahna. I even put on my fav-o-rito Flannery Brother's tune, "Tambourine" on to get in the spirit.

Bee tee for their "Pirate or Parrot?" video on YouTube. My boys have watched it over and over.

Dark night + poor filming skills+generally uncooperative toddlers = mediocre submission.

(And it's not like I've bribed them 8 ga-gillion times since this video to recreate it under better luck.)


  1. I love that group as well, and to create a song about the perfect way for preschoolers to don their coats is brilliant.
    Your submission is great! It shows that there is an appropriate age to master that skill. Almost 2 is not quite there!

  2. With kids under 4, sometimes good enough is best. Don't know if you have sent this one off yet, but here is a quick suggestion if you care to improve the video quality. Have you considered using Photobooth on either your laptop or iPad? It has a video setting which I used a lot in my videos lately.