Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Merry!

Thanks to my children's daycare for supplying us with all of the handmade holiday decorations. Outside of the tree and one strand of LED lights, Miles and Felix can take the credit for pretty much all of our home's holiday cheer.

My favorite "installation" below... with a little guidance from his childcare director, I'd say Miles is ready for breaking some child labor laws!

Faithful self induced blogging "time out" has concluded!

Brief family status updates:
  • Felix's ears have potentially cleared--but we are getting our 2nd set of ear tubes on the 27th. Merry-Birthday Felix! It's a two-for: Christmas and Birthday gift. Consider the right one to celebrate Jesus (isn't there something about the JC sitting on the right hand of the Fr?), and the left a 2nd b-day gift. You're welcome.
  • Ali is officially on PTO and has challenged herself not to check work e-mail more than once a day. Instead, she is obsessing about the 3 lines on her forehead that don't disappear after she lowers her eyebrows. 
  • Miles is not fully potty trained, yet. Post forthcoming. I wrote Santa for Miles to learn to poop in the potty, but I have a sense he's getting me gelt and a mattress pad.
  • Eric's beard mysteriously grew back on his face much to Ali's chagrin. But he can record another "all clear" oncology appointment!
  • The in-laws are descending for the holidays! Huzzah! Which means one of my child needs to start teething. Right on queue, Felix is slowly starting with his 2 year old molars.
Off to blare Vince Guaraldi and make krid-mas cookies!

Merry, Merry everyone! 

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  1. That's a lot of news, and a wonderful "Holy Family". I wonder if Miles has any idea what he's created??
    Please don't obsess about the lines on your forehead. Celebrity culture has us believing that faces are meant to indicate no affect or lines anywhere, but that is just not natural. Life gives us lines!
    Sorry about the beard but glad about the good oncology report!
    Have a good time with Opa and Grandma!