Monday, December 12, 2011

Time in

Quick update cuz I know you are chomping at the bit:

Double ear infection confirmed today.(Poor kid has bloody discharge too!)

ENT on Wednesday...I'm guessing we will be scheduling tube reinsertion.

And I learned a new term: "ear behavior" ( ie, when you are convinced your darling baby or child has become possessed by the devil during an ear infection.)

I also learned that 4 days without sleep for an almost 2 year old resembles many an inebriated college student. Duh-leer-ee-um...and lots of crooked stumbling. Just no walks of shame.

And sorry to the organizers of the handful of social engagements I have had to cancel this week...if only I could cancel work as easily without repercussion.

okay...time out again.


  1. Let's hope there is better healing in his and your future! I imagine your whole household is like a dorm during finals. I hope tonight's better.

  2. YUCK. I hope this passes quickly! Unfortunately I know that "ear behavior" all too well (though at our house, "pneumonia behavior" is more likely -- everyone has their THING, I suppose).

    Vent. It helps.

    This too shall pass!