Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Felix Turns *gulp* 2!

In an attempt not to make Felix endure more 2nd child syndrome, I decided to forgo the 3rd birthday video montage knowing that it would, in all honesty, never get completed, and opt for a 2nd year video.

Fewer pictures and videos of the kid to choose from, so it kind of worked out, sadly.

Bee tee dubs--it looks far better in iMovie on my Mac. :)

But in true 2nd child syndrome fashion, I only worked on this video for a night and a half because his birthday just crept up on me after the holidays, and it was the video or the confectionery. I figured the video had a better shelf life. And in terms of a party, there won't be one. Just enjoying cupcakes with school friends. I hope Eric can visit, because I'll be at work (

It's been a wild and sleepless 2 years, but this boy's smile makes it all worth it.

I love you Felix. Five minutes will NEVER capture the thrills and joy you've brought to our family.

Oh How You've Grown by Frances England
Whose My Pretty Baby by Elizabeth Mitchell

Danielle Bryson (newborn photo shoot)
Kate T. Parker  (*almost 2 year, holiday photo shoot)


  1. awww, happy birthday, sweet boy! :)

  2. love the video. Happy Birthday Felix!!

  3. I can't think of a more thoughtful gift for a heartbreaker of a boy. He's growing so fast!

  4. Happy Birthday little man! We love you!