Thursday, January 5, 2012

Literary acquisitions

I'm reading the tail end of everyone's New Year's resolution posts, and I haven't even finished dishing about Christmas!

I may try to retrieve and scribble out the 3 internal posts I wrote in a frenzy the way to work Mid-December before I go into a full fledged discussion of 2012 hopes, dreams, delusions...

It's a toss up. I kind of feel like the mania and hysteria I had in writing those posts is decaying. And although they would be new to the reader, rehashing my sordid literary details seems stale and maybe even perfunctory. Although...the stories and complainings do offer some giggles and I would be denying my quest to document all aspects of life with child(ren). (Read: potty woes, perpetual nose picking, crib diving, the realization that it is all of a sudden not the same stripping down to take a shower with a 3.5 year old in the room.).

I'm all about spontaneity for 2012; if it doesn't happen right away, fuhgettahboutit. And am unplugging from everything starting at 10:30pm each night...except for streaming on my computer The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, all Housewives series and any PBS program. Oh, and then there is our iPad's Words With Friends (only playing with my husband), knitting or reading (preferably US Weekly).

I know, I keep saying it myself, "how DO you deprive yourself so much?!" I might as well look into monk-dom (made that gem up).

Do you think they have lactation monks?

Okay gurl, regroup.

I've briefly mentioned how nice the holidays were, and shared many photos of the week+ of family time. Holidays really are about family to me, but when you have small children, lots of "stuff" gets thrown into the mix.

Very generous people from all aspects of our family gave us wonderful gifts for the boys. (Anyone else feel like Melissa and Doug vomited all over your house? Hey, if it's going to be anything, let it be cute wooden toys!)

I'm not really up for drafting up a catalogue of our "toy heaven" right now because that would just be painful on so many levels, but I do have to sing the praises of a few of the great books we got--not all, just some. So if yours didn't make the list, don't get heartbroken. I've mentioned it before, but I am a book whore. Apologies for being so crass, but there is no other way to describe it. I just love hard back, well written, smartly illustrated children's books. Luckily, my boys are like whorettes, and love them as much as I do. Hmmm...maybe it's whorinis. Or maybe I should just keep to the more appropriate "avid readers." Nah, that was 2012 spontaneity for you!
Here are a few awesome books that we were gifted for Christmas and Felix's birthday. I always hesitate to post about book recommendations, because the few people who read this here are friends for whom I will, inevitably, give their children one of these books on holidays and birthdays. And, I'm a lazy bones (and 10:30 is fast approaching when I completely and wholly "unplug"--see above), so I don't have time to do all sorts of great linking to Amazon. If you can navigate to this blog, I trust your skills to find the book if interested.

It has been a refreshing change not to read There's an Alligator Under My Bed or Everyone Poops every.single.night. 

10:29pm, shutting this bad boy down, and I am at an utter loss of how to conclude this post. I have no cliff hanger, witty conclusion, or "stay tuned" sentence. Way long ago in 2011, I would have ruminated and slept on this last paragraph, figuring out a tightly composed conclusion. But it's 2012, folks. So here you go:

The End.

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  1. Turning everything off at 10:30 (hey, you're young - to older folks that seems late...) is smart. Sleep cannot be overrated!
    I love the book display, Alison. It's great to discover and share wonderful new children's books.