Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I am not a great gift receiver, but instead focus on my shortcomings of being a mediocre gift giver. But I wanted to take a moment to mention 3 really wonderful gifts I got.

  1. A gift certificate for new underwear. Ladies, I don't need to expound, but there is nothing like getting tons of over priced cotton undies. And after what seemed like 32 years of nursing and pumping, I needed to get some new hardware for the northern hemisphere, too. Luckily, those quintuplet As don't sell out so fast, so I was able to get some good deals. Things better stop shrinking. I mean, is there a negative alphabet? (You think those new Georgia obesity public health ads are controversial, how about we charge less for smaller sizes of bras and panties? Less fabric, right? Jo-king. Just my boobs' insecurity speaking.)
  2. Anthropologie robe. I saw this uh-mazing sherpa-y lined robe while shopping with some friends, and it magically arrived! (Okay, I got it from one of those friends). It's like wrapping yourself in the softest blanket. Plus, it's really cute, not too long, and I *may* have worn it every night since getting it. Eric has his house shoes...I have my house robe.
  3. Swingy Skirt. I've been holding out for a big post about my friend's amazing skirt creations (see here) because, as I told her, I was going to try and be her unpaid, over zealous PR agent from afar. But I think she may have carpal tunnel syndrome from the bazillion sewing projects she did for everyone else (including for my sister-in-law's birthday!), and girl wants to sew for herself and her cute baby girl. Don't blame her. :) I attempted to take pictures of the skirt so you can see how amazing it is. I think I'm going to live in a bathrobe and swingy skirt from now on.
I CANNOT take pictures of myself.
I DO NOT have any good place to take a picture in what feels like our 400 square foot brick home.
I CANNOT trust a 3 and 2 year old with a highly expensive camera to help...although the thought did cross my mind.
I CANNOT help the wrinkled nature of the skirt. I don't iron and I wore the skirt already for almost 12 hours. But may I just say that when I put it on this morning, Miles said to me, "why are you a princess?" Be still my heart. One step closer to becoming Kate Middleton.
I WILL NOT wait for my husband to get home late at night to take pictures. And let's be honest, his pictures aren't that great.

I can say that because he doesn't read my blog. 

Anyway, enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed wearing the skirt. Love me some Amy crafts...and if and when she does open for business, I already have a line of friends who want to throw some cash her way. (She is rolling her eyes at me right now.)

 My assistant...

 Sitting...still looks good.
 Don't tell Eric I am standing on his coveted chair.
 Fabric close-ups

 Trying to get just the front. A kingdom for a backdrop...
 One last look! Thanks Amy!


  1. You DO look like a princess (or London Bridge)! the skirt is beautiful, and I love the fabric. It looks really comfortable, too. Amy is amazing.

  2. LOVE that! The fabric is perfect. I think I have drooled over it many a time (Amy Butler fabric, yes?)

  3. I do read your blog and my pictures rock!