Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Date Night: Toddler style

While my best friend was having her most amazingly beautiful little girl...

Stop. What's that noise? I think it was my uterus bursting! Thank you Felix for waking up every night are the most handsome birth control.

We got the pleasure of hosting our first friend sleepover...with their incredibly well-mannered, intelligent, gorgeous oldest child, S. She's one of the closest things I have to a daughter, and she fills the world with such joy and curiosity (and fills the little bits of me that long for playing dolls and "teacher"). Even though the D Family are only a whopping 5 days into the whole family of 4 thing, and S is finally the "big girl" on the block, she'll always hold a special place in my heart as that first "baby" girl. It's kind of how I feel about Miles. You don't love any subsequent children any less, TRUST me, but both Miles and S's births were incredibly moving and hold meaning in my life that is really hard to explain.

Time is ticking, and before long, the willingness to allow a menage a trios bath, and inviting a girl to wear my son's pajama top and sleep on the floor next to him will abate. But for a spell, this could be wild fun.

Toddler Tub Time was a gas. The kids are still too little to care about each other's tiddly bits (or lack thereof), and nipples are on the same longitude, so it was just a lot of uninhibited naked splashing and laughter. I have over 100 photos from the weekend, but I've saved those for us parents to exploit for future partners and potential wedding video fodder.

Trouble 2:

Trouble 3:

Trouble 3 and a half: It's their ages...get it?

Don't think we slack on dental hygiene when guests come around. We've had enough oral drama in this house. (Although, I could take some lessons from all 3 kids on flossing...). I think this could be one of my most favorite pictures.

S made herself at home and did some light reading before she asked to move the mattress on the floor next to Miles's make-shift bed. NOTE TO DADDY FRANK--YOUR DAUGHTER IS THE ALPHA FEMALE AND PURSUED MY SON. Just makin' sure we're clear...

We ended the night with a reading of The Lorax, or as Miles calls it, "Mole Rats." I am not sure if I am going to let Miles see the movie (contemplating if it should be his first movie experience in a theater), but I did splurge on 2 plush organic Seuss toys from Target--a Lorax and a Cat in the Hat. I cannot find a link to them, but they are really cute, and with Dr Seuss week at school, Show and Tell is covered! And then like a hot poker in my soul, the very next day I got this from one of my favorite organizations , Campaing for a Commerical-Free Childhood. Dr Linn would be ashamed, oh so ashamed of me! ( May I mention that I e-mailed a scathing letter to Seventh Generation a few weeks back expressing my disappointment with them plastering the Lorax on my child's diapers. One of the selling factors for me with Seventh Gen diapers is their "paper bag chic" look. I like that they use NO cartoons or silly pictures on the waste disappearing truck wheels when urinated faux jeans (really? Diapers need to look like jeans?). I love the look like you took an old Stop n Shop paper bag and cut it into a diaper (with a little more cushioning). What can I say--I like earth tones.

But then I go on my lunch break and impulsively buy the characters, swayed by my child's love of the story, and the fact that they are organic (awful reasoning I fall prey to quite a bit. Organic oreos? Have to be good for you.). And maybe I'm hoping to establish more nurturing boys since they aren't huge stuffed animal boys and I was the type to stick my Popple under my shirt to pretend I was pregnant...or sit with Rainbow Brite in the afternoons as I pretended she ran away from home and I was her new mom. I never just buy toys to buy toys...until now. (Or when I bribed Miles to be quiet in Michaels by getting him a plastic microphone.)

I blame Parkour
And hot air balloons
And primary colors
And charming versions of "Alouette"

Not sure if there is something subliminal going on, but I'm like a carrot to a donkey when that Target Ad comes on

Miles and S slept on the floor with a big body pillow between them, but both of them ended up in totally random spots on the floor--completely separate from each other. They also spent a good deal of time talking the dark about things like "Disney" and I think Miles was singing "Twinkle Twinkle" while S was passed out around 9pm. I remarked to is this what it is like to have to go in and tell children to be quiet at a sleepover? (Okay---I think some of us may have run around my kitchen sans pants as a dare at 3 in the morning during a sleepover. And I wonder why my boys are allergic to pants...let's not forget massages and the Ouji board, and "Girl Talk". And chocolate chip pancakes at Bec's house.)

The next day we celebrated S's 3rd birthday at Gymboree, and my introverted boys, true to form, didn't warm up until parachute time.  Actually, Felix isn't introverted, he was just interested in doing his own parkour on this one gymnastic element instead of doing any of the organized games.

Raise the roof if you are 3!

What better way to end the party than with Sesame Street cupcakes...and snuggles from Daddy...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

(Periodically I am going to "analyze" my text using the I write like site I mentioned last post and see what pops up! Today, I write like: Cory Doctorow. Whateves.)


  1. What sweet accolades about S. with your boys. Forgive yourself for succumbing to commercialization. It's testament to the power of advertsing, and supports the contentions of CFCFC. We all fall prey to it at times. I feel dismay over the commercialization surrounding the Lorx because it's the antithesis of Dr. Seuss's message, and I imagine he would have been irate at the whole thing.
    I am interested to know that you reflect different authors depending upon the writing sample you submit. I have to admit that I wonder if the whole thing is a bit of a scam...
    Anyway, the photos and the children are heartbreakingly wonderful.

  2. Remember waiting in that snack room of the hospital to find out if Sarah had been born yet?! I too will never forget it! Great post with great photos!