Friday, February 17, 2012

More curiousity

Just a few more gems from the Curious George books we are borrowing from the library this week...

Lots of pipe smoking going on back in the 40s. And apparently Monkeys smile while they vomit sea life. 

I think we've exhausted all of the George books at the library...even duplicate copies. Here's hoping Miles decides to exhibit an affinity to a new series soon.

(In the meantime, I previously wanted to direct you to a great blog my friend JE introduced me to, Waking Brain Cells, where a librarian from Appleton, WI maintains a great blog of book reviews for both children's and teen books. I've added a ton of books after reading her blog to both our library list and our to buy list.)


  1. thanks for the blog recommendation- i've already circulated it to a few friends!

  2. Ooh. Thanks for the blog link. I will definitely look at that. Like Miles I loved (and still do) finding a good author and/or series and reading my way through!

  3. That blog could be dangerous to my book budget! Miles talked about Curious George today because we were discussing unicycles. It's made an impression!