Friday, March 9, 2012

2 down, 3 to go

Oh, hey new fancy iPhone camera app! 

It is fitting that Eric got a new phone around his 2nd year of being cancer free.

It was 2 years and 16 hours ago I was exploring his new Droid smart phone, looking up Anderson Cooper's personal history at 5:30am in Emory's pre-op area, pretending like my husband wasn't about to have Dr W go all ginsu knife on my hubster's tongue and neck. 

Oh hey crappy iPhone picture, fly away hairs, and forehead wrinkles at 9pm! (At least we got Eric's tongue's good side...)

Two years ago, I was at the peak of family insanity (and somehow had the ability to write what I consider some of my best posts, both immediately before and after his surgery).

One year ago, I was missing my husband terribly, who was in Germany on a school trip, while aftershocks of the year before jarred my dreams and stole my appetite (but I somehow pulled off a cute haircut and some nice photos.) was a normal day. I'm pretty sure I breathed all the way down to my diaphragm, which I only started doing within the last year. 

The kids both had tantrums.
We had breakfast in bed.
I bathed, but didn't put a stitch of make-up on. 
I worked well over 8 hours. 
We had dinner out and took the iPad for the first time to be "those" parents (by the by, it didn't work. Both boys insisted on having a dance party at the dining establishment...much to the bus man's chagrin: "That boy has got some real moves!"). 
We braved the aisles of the Publix that postures as a Whole Foods. 
We cooked Daddy decadent peanut butter, caramel, and jelly dessert bars. 
We had a few more tantrums. 
We ran around the house dunking laundry in the basket. 
We read Madeline (uh-gain).
We star gazed and found every planet on my phone.
We got the boys to sleep--way too late.
We bought iPhone apps on the couch while watching the end of "Shark Tank."


...and amazing.

I'll take it over 2 years ago any day.