Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Boy Bed Part Deux

 I honestly feel like it was yesterday that we moved Miles into a "big boy bed." Well, I guess it was just about a year ago!  

Hair cutting skills: vastly improved. 
My writing: decayed dramatically.

And now, guess who is sleeping in his own big boy bed?
 First night was a success!

But I didn't get an ounce of sleep.

Not because I was afraid he'd fall out (he has a history of crib-base jumping), or that he would suffocate in his Cloud B pillow, or that he would escape and eat all the dried fruit in the house while we sleep...but because there was long range super cell tornadoes threatening our area for the ENTIRE NIGHT. Luckily, we were not in the path, and only endured some significant thunderstorms (that, coincidentally, have never woken our children. Until now--since I just jinxed it. But you even *think* about opening a cabinet, and the wrath of a woken child is your to endure. Damn tiny houses!)

Wait, did you have twins?? 

TOTALLY pretending to sleep, Mom...just kidding!

This house is officially without a crib (if you consider the crib was turned into a toddler bed) for the FIRST TIME since we've lived here. And we've already scoped out bunk beds for another transition this summer.

Not sure how I'm feeling about that...

Next stop...full on potty training. (And that's both boys I'll have you know. Don't even get me started...)

Felix, you are such a big boy!


  1. I love these photos. They warm my heart. It's apparent the Felix is delighted with his big boy bed and being a big boy, and Miles seems just as enchanted. It makes me want to don by pj's and snuggle in my bed!

  2. LOVE the pics of the boys in bed together. SO sweet! ack!