Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big Boy Shower

Where is my little 4lb baby who I was so afraid to wash?

Or that 8 month old who just started taking baths in the big tub?

I still cannot believe my "baby" is not a baby anymore...

Miles asked to take a shower the other night. (Or "have" a shower for all you Canucks.)

It was kind of out of nowhere. We've never had kids who take showers with us. The one morning we tried to shower with Miles when he was around 16 months due to a massive pooplosion, he fuh-reaked out over the water.

So, I kinda dismissed Miles's urging earlier in the night. And then at bath, he demanded a shower. Normally I try to ignore all those self-righteous almost 4 year old demands...but this could be character building. Risk taking is not in Miles's wheelhouse, so I happily obliged.

"Felix no fear" was surprisingly terrified of the shower, and served as Eric's naked photography assistant.

I have no editing experience (nor do I have photoshop or lightroom), but I tried to experiment with some of the preset coloring adjustments as you'll see below. I may just stick with cropping and converting to black and white...all that talk of saturation, sharpness, and exposure makes me sweat.

Apologies for the photo dump...but I just couldn't decide which one was my favorite!

Belly rinse

And this was about 2 seconds before his face got wet, and he was OUTTA THERE!

I'm not ready for this growing up stuff...


  1. LOVE it!! He looks so happy!!!

  2. Those are great shots - especially the ones with water sluicing down his face. Honestly. He looks so grown up! Sigh.