Monday, March 5, 2012

Case of the Mondays

You know it's going to be an AWESOME Monday when...

-You wake up grinding your teeth at 5am due to impending stress about work
-You turn into the "spiky mountain" on which your two children feel they have license to scale and repel off of before you can even get out of bed.
-Your 2 year old then uses you as a drum as he spanks your sternum and asserts, "That noise LOUD!"
-You have a fight about your almost 4 year old putting on underwear before 7am.
-You leave a house full of primal territory screams from the boys who cannot seem to politely negotiate the whole "sharing of trains" situation...and as you close the door, you hear:

BOOM! (train thrown at Felix--when did Miles get so aggressive?)
BOOM! (Miles's bottom being placed in the quiet chair by Eric)
BOOM! (The quiet jar, all shaken up, placed on the bureau for Miles to cry through the whole glitter settling. Quiet jar is really just a sparkly timer for the kids to wail through.)

-You spill your container of chicken tortilla soup in the cup holder of the car and have to carry it into the office on top of a diaper.
-Your boss calls you the wrong name.
-Your co-worker asks for asinine changes to be made to what you thought was a final report (version 8,000)
-You actually go into blogger and write a blog post during work hours just to vent.

It could be worse...

And by "you" I mean "me."

I'm pretty sure a lunch walk to CVS to purchase either a package of Rolos or Cool Ranch Doritos will make things better.


  1. I am thinking BOTH the doritos and the rolos....and a cold coke to finish it off! Here's hopig your day gets better. :)

  2. I was thinking of you this morning as I do every Monday, but never imagining how crazy it would be for you this morning. The whole kid thing is part of parenting, but the start to the work day sounds especially stinky. I hope it's all up hill from here.
    Love you!