Monday, March 12, 2012


We've got a bug problem.

It's true when they say that each child is different.
Felix is our little entomologist. 
Move over medical modeling, we have a bug man on our hand. 
Miles likes bugs, but also likes when we remove them from our house, and would prefer to view them at a safe distance.
Felix likes to identify them.
Collect them.
Send them on permanent sleep vacations (we've moved from the more barbaric stomp killing, to the slow, methodical torturing until Felix remarks, "He SLEE-PING!")
Specifically, this child loves ladybugs and worms.
Ladybugs I can handle.
Except that strange odor they release when you touch them (Bueller?).
Worms just remind me of formaldehyde and high school biology.

Obsession is an understatement. 
Just ask childcare.
Or spend 1 second outside with him and he'll find one for you.
He's into bugs.
Big time.

But here's the thing: it's not trains! 
I'll take it.
Worms over Thomas any day.
Truth hurts, but trains are the bane of my existence.
Unless they are mountain trains.

Meanwhile...the eldest is currently obsessed with astronomy and... 


Wonder where he gets it from?

Finally, I was trying to capture a picture of both of the boys doing what they love outside.  Bingo-bango, no? 

Wait...what is that you see? WAY up on the road by our house?

Oh, just the neighborhood boy playing with a wheelchair...riding it up the hill and speeding dangerously down into the road.
I did exclaim "BE CAREFUL!" at one point, but then just let him be.
I was waiting for John Quiñones from Primetime: What Would You Do? to show up and berate me for not finding the boy's mother and punishing him myself.

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  1. What a delight! I remember last summer as a one+ year old, Felix gleefully acknowledging an ant before stomping on it. It's a parents' joyful education learning along with his/her children's passions. Yours were rocks for quite awhile. Teachers will remember and associate those interests with their students, too. We had one little entomologist who even discovered an ant in the middle of January on a snowy sidewalk!
    I must say, Miles' running form looks pretty darn good!