Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Knock on the door"...sissy fight

This rather "vanilla" video has a lot going on for me.
  1. The unmade bed is proof we change our sheets.
  2. I have 50% of my children wearing pants. THIS, my friends, is an accomplishment.
  3. Miles has half of a temporary tattoo on his hand; this is an accomplishment for me in that I was convinced I was poisoning my kids when allowing panda stamps on their hands from the zoo (which are sadly gone now!). I'm learning to let go a little...just don't send me information how temporary tattoos leach awful chemicals into my children. m'kay?
  4. Mostly, this video is for my paternal side of the family...homage to our grandparents. You'll notice the Grandmom classic, "knock on the door" face game. What our updated version should look like is:
    1. knock on the door (knock on forehead)
    2. ring the bell (push nose)
    3. lift the latch  (push the nose up)
    4. peep in (pull eyes down)
    5. wipe the shoes (drag hands on the side of the cheeks in attempt to get a squirmy laugh
    6. AND WALK IN! or...SAY HELLO! (either option, you go straight for the gut tickle)
  5. Felix is, well, scrappy. The number of times we say IMPULSE CONTROL, FELIX! in this house is insane. Although he does get the infamous toddler rage, he usually just hits, bites, kicks, throws, (ad nauseam) out of excitement as you can see. (Was it the steroid shot I got while pregnant?)
  6. Miles's reaction is what I call classic sissy fighting, or dog paddling. This type of situation usually ends with Miles in tears. This boys are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. 
  7. Eric's reaction (the videographer): leg barrier while still filming, is also classic. We've learned that these boys need to figure some of this stuff out on their own. I mean, not things like knife tossing, head dunking, or legit fighting, but if we separated and "quiet jarred" every transgression, my children would have chair sores and permanent eye fluttering from watching the glitter settle.
  8. I don't know about you, but after the videos YouTube advertises at the end of mine include one titled "Madea PoPo knocking at your door," which is 5 minutes of awful rap showing a still of a police officer. Note I have NO control over what comes up!

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  1. I challenge anyone to watch this without laughing out loud! Grandmom and Grandpop would be tickled (pun intended).