Thursday, March 29, 2012

Late to bed, early to rise makes a Mommy cranky

(I totally wrote "wise" instead of "rise" initially. Whoopsie daisy! Fixed!)

Um, who decided to give me a 2 year old?

Whoah. Felix is SOO 2.

Yesterday's note from school: "He was SO hyper and VERY hands on." Translation: he was out of control, bit and hit multiple times.


I've got a future WWE performer on my hands.

Felix is a loose cannon. So stinkin' cute, but he is giving me grey hair in a very different way from Miles. (Which I just died with clearance Garnier from Target. Missed the word "vibrant" under the 8 clearance stickers. Ended with an unnatural red and a peeling scalp. Word to the wise. At least splurge on John Freida foam.)

Felix's aggression is never out of malice, he just gets way excited and abuses those he loves.

Despite all empirical evidence, I am *convinced* that he is affected by sugar and goes nuts when it gets into his system (note: NO SUGAR AFTER 6PM!)

Remember how we changed him to a big boy bed?


He plays a game where he jumps out of bed and runs to the door and squeals in laughter when you go in, try to hide your own laughter, and put him back in bed. Rinse repeat until 9pm.

And he's sleeping on his back randomly.

It takes us no less than an hour sometimes to get him to go to sleep.

And then he started getting up at 6:30am, when he used to get up at 7:00am and beyond. That 30 minutes is H-U-G-E for us in terms of getting ourselves bathed and emotionally prepared to deal with the warfare between Miles and Felix (Miles has always gotten up before 7am).

What happened?

I haven't yet screwed my 2nd up like I did my 1st with 8 ga-jillion techniques of trying to get him to sleep. But I gave up Google searing for lent. And don't want to go back to my library shelf in the family room to pull out the 11 sleep books I bought with Miles. It will cause some PTSD.

We never had this problem with Miles.

Last night we tried the quiet chair approach after Felix tonight after he refused to take a nap and was disruptive at school while kids were hangin' with Mr Sandman (this is not his usual MO), and his teacher brought him into another room and had him just sit in a chair. He was bored. Tired. Restless. So she gave him the option of nap or boring chair.

Smart kid finally chose nap and flopped on the cot at 2pm yesterday.

Verdict? Didn't work so great with us.

So before I try technique #2 tomorrow night, which I will just make up from my memory of what friends told me Super Nanny suggested, I'm putting it out there to my readers.

I don't ask for comments or often try to put out my blog ramblings to the masses. (Although, it was suggested to me by someone with many letters behind her name to expose my recent potty training perils to the world in an attempt to get over it. And I actually kinda feel released!)

But there is a first time for everything:

SUGGESTIONS?!? Help! How do I get my cuh-razy 2 year old to go to sleep in his big boy bed?? I'll pay you extra for advice on quelling the biting and hitting. 

I'll make things interesting. Whoever gives me the winning advice gets one million dollars of the kah-trillion dollar jackpot that is drawn on Friday, which I have willed the universe to make me win.

Ready: GO!

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  1. Yikes! I have never encountered sleep problems like that, honey. I hope someone else has wisdom to share.