Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RAK returns...

If you recall, at the end of 2011, I committed to doing a random act of kindness (RAK) each month. I never thought I would be on the receiving end...

...then today happened. The day I scheduled the post of my virtual therapy session on how I failed my child, which prompted my mom to send me an e-mail that can be summed up with the following: "be kind to yourself."

And then the universe sent me an e-mail:

Always, Ali, kindness prevails. No matter how things appear, nor how humbling a task, nor how unkind they've been.

The Universe

And then I come home after an impossibly exhausting day, and see a letter on the counter from VA. I know 3 people from VA, and only 1.5 of them know my address. I say .5 because I'm pretty sure she knows my name and city, but not my street address.

The letter is addressed to me by first name only, and inside is a tiny scroll delicately tied with blue ribbon.

I curiously unwrapped the scroll, and it contained a wonderful message written in that bubbly girly writing--the kind of penmanship I always coveted. (I am currently an all caps, masculine hand-writer.)

This note was from a stranger, to me.

And I sat there, crying. I'm not sure why...kindness sometimes hits us harder through its simplicity and mystery I guess. Or maybe I'm just ovulating.

What it said, I am not sharing because some things are meant to be kept secret. It wasn't lascivious or was just the kind words I needed to get me out of the day's funk.

But who was the scribe?

There was a clue--written on the envelope was a note that this was a random act of kindness from Of COURSE I quickly looked up the site.

patience salgado. soul partner. playful mama. kindness worker. flip flop lover. deep feeler.

And she writes. Like real-deal-banana-peel published on legit sites writer.
And she has a gaggle of kids.
And she takes amazing photography.
And she basically embodies all the skills and characteristics I consider my ideal woman. (Sheesh! That's a lot from just a quick Internet query. But the first bullet on my resume is "accurate first impressions of anyone via the 'about' section on his/her blog.")

I don't know Patience. (Could she have a better name?) But I wish I did. Her Guerrilla Goodness just tickles me (and I guess makes me weep!)

But how did she get my address?
Why me?
What friend put her up to this?
Should I exhaust my emergency fund and hire a PI to unfurl this mystery?


For once, Ali (there I go, doing that third person thing again), let the anonymity wash over you and feel comfortable in that space of not knowing.

So I'm doing that.

And I'm going to find my own anonymous RAK to do (or a few) in the near future.

But I can't tell you...or it wouldn't be anonymous.

Smile on, on!


  1. Alison, that is spectacular! Drink it in and just enjoy it. You deserve it.
    Love, Mom

  2. Enjoy the wonderful mystery of it all. That's the point!