Friday, March 2, 2012

Retail therapy continued...

On the heels of my boots and soda stream splurge (pun intended there) favorite children's consignment sale occurred last night (actually, tonight, but this will post tomorrow with the pics I'll take before 7am tomorrow). Since I sell at the sale, I get to go to the pre-sale the night before the public sale opens. This works blissfully as I cannot go to the sales during the day due to that whole job thing-y.

Listen, Atlanta is host to a ton of great consignment sales, and I'm sure other parents would fight me about the best sale, but I'm a tried and true Glenn Sale mom. I've sold and bought for years, feel comfortable there, and am very pleased with the quality of clothes (and volume) I get twice a year.

Boys clothes are getting harder to purchase. There isn't as much because boys are SO ROUGH on clothes. Even my timid Miles is wearing out knees and toe boxes. Plus, I just think the clothes get uglier...lots and lots of characters, "skater" looks, and generally just an overall oatmeal aesthetic. (You know, you get that lumpy, lukewarm, and "blah" feeling.)

But I think I did okay last night! I try to give myself a $100 limit per sale with the expectation that I will recoup at least $30 net; I want to purchase a season of clothing, toys, and books for ~$70. I sell quite a bit, but the sale takes a pretty hefty % (we only receive 66%!), I pay 7% tax on my purchase, and there is a $10 seller fee. Even still, of all the sales, I think I get the best deals at Glenn. (I usually go to the weekend 1/2 day price sales for other sales and am left with the dregs. I'm limiting myself to 2 additional sales this year looking for outdoor toys that we can use and abuse.)

The Lot

(Reminder--pictures taken at 7am after my nightly sleepover with Felix. The pics are about as bad as I felt!)

This year, my purchases totaled to about $96, and in a few days, I'll know how much I have sold. (I did spend a bit more on some newborn baby girl clothes and books for my friend!)

Brand new Gap lined raincoat

6 Gap ringer and basic tees

"Brand new" Columbia dri-fit outfit!
J.Crew, Polo, Gap, and Gymboree shorts
3 Polo shirts and 3 Old Navy "polo" shirts
A bunch of great hard back and soft back books (yup. I spent the $2 on the hard back Curious George with the cigar smoking. At least we can leave it at the library, now!)

As Eric called them: "dirty blocks." (Read: the worst $5 you have ever spent.) Miles asked for more alphabet blocks, and these heavily colored Pottery Barn ones looked like fun! Plus, I don't care if they color on them, too! Miles gave them a lukewarm reception this morning. Yeah. May have been a bad $5.  
Gymboree light-weight pants that roll up into clam diggers...1 pair of PJs, and then a ton of Lands End and Gap undies (obvi for Felix since I'm going straight to Depends with Miles.)
Another lukewarm received splurge, $5 linen Gap "golf" pants. I'm gonna make Miles rock them come fall! And then Gap and Calvin Klein plaid shorts (or as Eric calls them, "Cal Heintz" shorts.)
The following I call "poop clothes." They can serve as PJs, extra clothes for school, and all the bottoms have elastic waists so you can easily pull them down for potty time. And wouldn't you know it...Miles brought in the GAP shirt with the mixer on it to school for "show and tell." Really? Not even the Yak block? Or a book? Or the fun rain jacket?

Finally, Eric does have a soft spot for novelty t-shirts. I'm mixed on them...but tried to get a few. I got 2 Paul Frank shirts (one for Felix...the only thing I got for the poor kid--he's going to live in hand-me-downs!), and 2 old navy shirts: one with some headphones and one with an elephant. I am about as excited about them as Eric is with the blocks. But that is what marriage is about: compromise (and me doing all the consignment shopping)

It wasn't my best showing, but feeling pretty set for the summer with what we have last year and tonight's purchases. 

Thank goodness they don't serve champagne upon entry...I might have ended up with the $35 tent or $40 LL Bean sun shade that were calling my name. I am pretty sure they don't sell used Pandora bracelets, thankfully.

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  1. That looks like a great haul to me. I look forward to seeing it all when I come down during the summer. It's great that Atlanta has those sales. I wish we'd had them when you were little.