Thursday, March 1, 2012


Does impulse buying indicate pathology? I'm not usually one to go on retail benders, but it seems like recently I've been a little more loose with my purchasing. (There was that whole getting seduced by Target's commercialization of the Lorax and organic toys.)

Eric will be the first to assert that I am not great at self-indulgence.

I must admit:
  • I haven't had my hair cut in over a year.
  • The last 3 times I have dyed it, I've done so with a free box of dye, one at 50% off, and one I found in the closet from well before Michael Jackson was still alive.
  • I pluck, wax, and shave in the confines of  my home bathroom (ie, no paying for threading or waxing)
  • I scour Goodwill every 2 or so months to find cheap Banana Republic clothing. AND, I just started allowing myself only to buy clothes that are 50% off (and the most expensive clothing is the jeans for $6.75 before the 50% discount!)
Although, when you talk about things like my boys' shoes, I go crazy.

But I just could.not.stop.thinking about these Simple boots I ran across while stocking up on shoes for the boys. And with the company disbanding, the scarcity principle was keeping me up at night. But $50 is a lot of money (like an entire year of hair dye the way I am trending). And then I'm going to call it the "Lorax" condition (me being swayed by Target's organic Lorax doll), but I get all up in a tizzy about the boots being biodegradable, eco-friendly, adjustable calf strap (I have toothpick legs), and they ARE 40% off to boot (pun intended).

My 2 friends at work convinced me. So I bought them without even vetting through Eric. And I bought GRAY, not black.

Y'all...I'm in love. I think I've worn them almost every day at some point.

Oh! Someone needs to go outside and do the trash? Me please! Let me just throw on my boots, and I'm on it.

Apologies...this photographing shoe thing-y is new to me. I feel like all these bloggers I know snap cute pics of their feet all crossed on the beach, or propped up on a mountain in Switzerland...I'm just not there.

Here's my attempt to show you the back and scalloped edges.

Eric was like: "Oh, that's an interesting detail. It reminds me of little girl underwear."


When have you EVER been exposed to little girl underwear????

PLUS, my sister-in-law introduced me to ebates, so I even got some extra cash back from the purchase!

I wear them with jeans...with leggings, with my comfy Antropolgie "house coat."

My goal is to wear them at least 50 times so that I can say I got my $s worth. I'm about $12 in so far.

The rush of retail therapy continues...

This weekend Eric and I hate a quasi date night (yes, we have lots of date nights, and I highly recommend doing so the same when you have kids. IT'S IMPORTANT to remember how to have adult conversations.) He had to work at his school's booster club fundraiser: Casino Night! Well, we were greeted with champagne, and Eric had a bit of time before he had to work the Poker table. So I had my glass, and then got some free wine. But it was served out of a plastic mini bottle, and I just couldn't do it, so I went back to the table of champagne and helped myself.

Then we perused the silent auction area, and I started to get socially lubricated and financially irresponsible.

There---in front of me---was---A SODA STREAM for auction. It already had a bid of $35. (At least from what I could read by that point.) I have wanted one of these things for years. Eric did some sort of statistical analysis on the cost, upkeep, CO2 cartridge price, etc, and tried to convince me purchasing TJ's bottles of seltzer was cheaper. I relented.

Here was my chance. I put in a bid for $40, and Eric found the parents who bid (we knew who they were), and told them to watch out--we were in the bid it to win it. Then they threw us a sad line about how their 12 year old daughter wanted it. What? 12 year olds can't drink seltzer! (whatever.)

Fast forward another 20 minutes or so, and I was 1 glass of champagne short of bidding on an over $100 Pandora charm bracelet for like $40 or so. I KNOW why most places have a 2 drink minimum now. Thankfully, I did not win that because it was a sports themed bracelet with football and soccer charms.

Really, Ali?

And then later in the night, when I went to check on the Soda Stream, I saw we were outbid. Thankfully, Eric didn't even have to work, so he was my designated shopper (DS).

And so I sealed our fate with a $60 bid (approved by the DS), and we are now the proud owners of a Soda Stream.

We do not have it in our posession, yet. I have no idea what version (just know it was over $100 retail), but I know the one thing I regret is having another contraption on my counter.

And then my friend sent me this, and I was like "It's a sign from the universe that I am supposed to indulge in seltzer."

Watch Seltzer Works on PBS. See more from PBS Online Film Festival.

Things come in 3's, so we just had to splurge on one more thing recently...

We are getting our front yard landscaped. We have a general contractor coming to redo our front steps (or I like to call the peeling death trap. You know it's bad when the Dad of the boyscout who comes to your door to sell trans fatty popcorn says, "SON! Don't touch that railing. It looks like it has lead paint peeling and is dangerous!" Thanks, Dude. My kids hold on to it every day...), and found a great landscaper from a 'hood friend who is just starting her business. (We had contacted a few, and she just seemed to know the most). She came out, and we are soon to get some information on the phases she proposes. What we realized was...I think we might get about 3 plants for the front of our house given the cost of this stuff. This should be interesting...I'll keep you posted.

Soon I hope to have a picture of me sipping some homemade seltzer with my boots on in front of some new bushes in front of our house!


  1. I LOVE the boots - the scalloped edge and adjustable calf strap would have sealed the deal for me.

    I am so excited for the soda stream for you - i know you will love it!

  2. Love the boots! How does the size run? Wonder if I could squeeze my giant feet into 10s? hmm.

  3. the boots are awesome! and we love our sodastream -- i think you guys will like it too.

  4. I am really pleased for you. The boots are wonderfully comfortable and elegant looking, and I know you've longed for a soda stream for a long time. Plus I assume you helped a good cause with that win. Finally, I am excited about your new front of the house! It will be great not to have to hold onto the peeling wrought iron railing. Will the sloping steps be fixed as well???? It will make good curb appeal, too.
    All three new purchases seem well considered, and look how much you appreciate them!