Tuesday, March 20, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...TUESDAY

Oh Ali! How do you maintain such natural beauty?

Insert obscene cackles.

I'm not a product junkie.
I have not had my hair cut in...well...we *could* be talking about a year here.
I probably harbor staph in the whopping 4.5 products that are in my make-up bag.
Our shower has more products in it for Eric than for me.

It's not that I don't care.

It's not that I am intentionally trying to "go natural."

It's that I'm productaphobic.
(Technically, I think I have decidophobia, which, believe it or not, is a true fear of making decisions!)

At first glance, I am a marketers dream: I want to have continuity in my make-up bag. Not a buffet of different labels and brands. So I tend to stick with one line of product. In some ways, decision making seems less daunting.

But where I fall short is volume. My loyalty is not expressed in purchasing frequency. I will make sure every ounce of product is used before I decide to buy again.
I ENVY my friends who are serial product experimenters.
But I'm that fuddy-duddy; set in her ways.
I'm not a first adopter when it specifically comes to personal care products. So the following list will probably look the same in a decade. And chances are, I'll still be on the same tube of mascara. I do vet my products through they cosmetic safety database, and try to choose products that rate a 2 or lower on the hazard scale, but some things I just cannot find a good natural alternative (eg, deodorant)
My sister-in-law introduced me a few years back to the brand that dominates my make-up case:

It can be used on your cheeks, lips, decolletage...and the container kind of looks like a bloated push pop. I wear this every day, especially because I am vitamin D deficient. (ie, I see very little sun, sadly.) The biggest disadvantage is that you need a tissue or sponge to rub it in. I have slight guilt that I'm contributing to waste each morning (and that Eric perpetually thinks I am discarding bloody tissues), but I'm probably decreasing the staph exposure by a few parts per billion, right? I would recommend trying this on before buying as I would NEVER have purchased the color I use. It looked dark purple (see above), and frightened me. But with a little blending, it looks really natural. 

Do I really need mascara? Nah. I may not have been blessed with clear skin, big boobs...and somewhere in the gene pool is Sasquatch, because I'm the type who gets out of the shower after shaving, gets the goose pimples, and has sandpaper legs all over again. BUT...I have really nice eyelashes if I may say so myself. Tarte Mascara just gives my lashes a little steroid injection. Does it perform better than $5 drug store brands? Probably not. Maybe in 8 years when I am finished with my tube and nursing the eye infections I've given myself, I'll get the guts to do some product comparisons.

Tarte Tinted Moisturizer

The reason I like the above product is that I am unpredictable with my facial sunscreen application as well as moisturizer. But when I break out, which kindly still happens at least twice a month even though I'm in my 30s (thanks hormones), I'm all over trying to hide the craters. This doesn't really act as a concealer, but does reduce the redness and obvious cystic messes on my face and neck. Days of yore I used to use an actual concealer stick, and just felt like the blemishes were exaggerated with a nice white circle of concealer. So this moisturizer, SPF, tinted number works pretty well for me.

Tarte Natural Eye Palette

I HATE the bedazzled flower on the cover (and quickly ripped it off upon purchase), but love the selection of colors. The eye liners are not my favorite colors (kinda green and mauve), but are sufficient. I have read some people complain the colors are not rich enough, but that's perfect for me. I'm no cosmetologist, so I need colors that I won't screw up. And an unintended perk of packaging: the set closes with a magnet, so my tweezer always adheres to the shadow. It's like the universe reminding me to groom the stragglers on my brow each morning. Whether or not I listen is another story.

Agape & Zoe Roller Ball Perfume

So...I'm not really sure where to go with this review. The company was apparently shutting down a few weeks ago, so I bought up their supply of candles and "Pure Innocence" scented roller balls. But there appears to be some other products just added to the site, so I'm not sure if I fell victim to opposite day or something...but I'm holidng out hope that the scents appear again.
I am not a huge perfume person. It gives me a headache. But I do like having a little waft of sweet smelling something on my skin--not for anyone but myself. I want to envelope myself in good thoughts, good deeds, and good smells. And now that I no longer smell like breast milk, I need an alternative (C'mon. You mothers totally know that the breast milk smell is a good one...unless it is a precursor to your leaking through a shirt at work.) The roller balls are the perfect size, and I fell in love with 2 of the scents: "Pure Innocence" and "Peace." Their potency isn't too intense...so one might need to apply throughout the day if you love scents that stick with you for 12 hours. I just roll one on my wrists, ear lobes, and neck each morning. And, no joke, while I apply, I try to repeat the name of the perfume over and over as sort of meditation. (In the past, I have also used "faith" and "botanica." Botanica on repeat doesn't inspire as well as the others.)
What happens when I run out of my current perfume?...TBD.
Tom's Wicked Fresh

I love this toothpaste. But I hate that it still contains SLS, and their SLS-free flavors leave me with sock teeth after 5 minutes. I love Maine (reminds me of my grandparents), love Tom (whoever he is), and love the feeling of "spicy teeth." I now find that other toothpaste tastes WAY too sweet, now.


There is nothing linked to this product, because I am actually not wedded to a brand.
Actually, I'm not wedded to flossing.
Why I cannot be regular at flossing is one of life's mysteries.
My children floss with flossers every night.
Eric flosses at least once if not twice a day.
But I have better luck when I use a pre-strung flosser as opposed to free form floss.
More waste...I know.
I've started flossing when the kids are in the bath and I am getting their brushes and their own flossers ready. I'm like 4 for 7 right now. If my kids ever skip a bath...my teeth will most likely not get flossed.
I told you this blog is about honesty.

Speaking of honesty and Sasquatch...my final product:

Moom Wax

Story: When I was in college, I got "waxed" for the summer for the first time. I got BURNED and still have some scars from the incident. Since then, I've been terrified to let anyone hold hot wax over my tender skin.
But I *hate* that the second I shave any part of my body, I can instantaneously see a root regrowing.
One of the best parts of pregnancy for me was bedrest and not feeling obligated to shave.

Here's the problem with waxing in general: you have to actually let your hair grow OUT before you remove it. The pain I can tolerate (as long as I'm not smelling burning flesh). So I tend to use this in the winter more than the summer...you know, because of all that leg showing, bikini wearing I'm doing. It's really just that I can grow out my leg hair a little longer without anyone knowing, save the 3 males who live in my house. And the sad truth is, this bologna about waxing and not having hair growth for a few weeks is bull-honkey. Granted, it doesn't sprout as soon as it does with shaving, but I think I have super hair growth patterns or werewolf disease. Can we do some genetic modifications and work toward strategic alopecia? Legs, pits, and bikini line would be great. Maybe throw in the stash and chin for those women who have that problem...not that I do...moi?

That's pretty much my bathroom in a nutshell. Or a post. Just add in an old hairdryer and a flat iron that makes my hair smell like garlic. Oh, and maybe some men's deodorant. I hate feeling like I am running a perfumery in my pits. I mean, I don't like the stanky alternative... and I've tried every natural kind out there...they don't work for me.

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  1. love this. you are like the complete opposite of me and what i aspire (and fail) to be - a non-product whore!