Thursday, March 22, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...THURSDAY

You know I am running out of steam when I re purpose content from Pinterest to fulfill today's post; but it's hard writing a week of posts in a night. And I'm spent...and there are 4 Trader Joe's peanut butter cups calling my name on my bed stand...errr, I mean, I don't eat in my room. They are on the kitchen table...right. (Those cups are one of my favorite things, though! Along with their refrigerated Cilantro Lime dressing with sugar snap peas.)

Okay. Pinterest. My obsession has waned, purely because I don't have as much time to access and "pin." But the reality is that Pinterest is all about my favorite things. I thought I would give you the top pins from a few of my boards.

Thrilling, no? (At least I'm not center adjusting my text this time.)

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I'm linking to the blog posts that support each of my pins--and each of the blogs has credit for the photos I am lifting. Please visit them for full information!

Kids Crafts & Activities:
From the blog,  A Sprinkle of This...A Dash of That, it's the awesome idea of having your child's teacher write a note at the end of the year in the book...and then you give it to you child upon graduation from high school! Not sure how the whole getting a teacher to sign something from middle and high school would work out, but I've got time.

From the blog, Decor8, an awesome idea about collecting your child's artwork and putting it together into a large poster. I love the re purposing of my children's artwork. You all have probably received a homemade card with some element of my children's artwork on it...but I'm afraid that is going to get stale. :( And there are quite a few pictures I just cannot bring myself to deconstruct into thank you cards, so this seems like a great solution! I cannot post a picture, because I think it is licensed, so just click on the hyperlink above to check it out!

From the site I can TEACH my child, here is a great resource of a ton of activities to do with your  child based on age ranges. The link above will take you to the 3-5 group. It's a nice "go to" on those days that my creative energy is sapped.


From the blog spoon fork bacon, these cheesy quinoa cakes are really good! Although, when I tricked Miles into thinking they were dinner pancakes (and he even put them in maple syrup), he was terrified a few weeks later when I said we were having pancakes for dinner that they would be the "yucky" pancakes. Yeah, so no endorsement from my 3 year old, but I liked them! I didn't use the sauce, but would like to do so next time. I just doused mine in smooshed avocado.

From the blog Sugar-Free Mom, here is a great recipe for baked oatmeal. The recipe is simple, quick, and I had breakfast for like 2 weeks straight already made! My adjustments were that I used honey instead of Stevia (I'm a sugar purest), and actually reduced the amount. Next time I would mix the toppings into the batter rather than just on top. I'd also like to get silicone muffin liners because my paper liners were kinda of hard to get off. Overall, great go to breakfast.

From the blog Adventures of a Fluffimama, yogurt covered frozen blueberries. Why I have never done this before is beyond me. The boys inhaled them the first night I made them. Miles refuses to eat them at school, though. They are a great treat, and I am tempted to dip other fruit in yogurt and freeze!

If I had oodles of money, this is how I would dress...

From emilyryan's etsy shop, this dress is so drool worthy. I'm a sucker for any skirt or dress with pockets, and a cowl neck. And being monochromatic. (I just cannot get over that it looks like Renee Z. in the pic...she kinda skeeves me out.)

From I have absolutely no idea where this is from, I LOVE this dress. I just keep envisioning myself with my head pasted on the top. And eerily resembles the first dress I posted. I'm a creature of habit. And by habit, I mean black and gray clothing with cowls.

From the blog Lilly's Style, I am just am in love with every aspect of this look. In fact, I love all the looks she posts! I could never pull off a ring like that, but would love to. I have this secret fascination for men's-style women's clothing (like that technical term?) Like, not only do I want Ellen Degeneres to be my closest friend, but I kinda want her wardrobe some days. I don't want to look masculine, I just want to wear tweed blazers with elbow patches every day.

Dream Home Drool Worthy Ideas and Items

From Broad Sheet: "The Bird’s Nest by O*GE Creative Group looks like the coolest kid’s bed ever. Then you read the blurb:
The “Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas” was conceived and created by O*GE as a prototype for new and inspiring socializing space, which can be seen as a morph of furniture and playground. Its powerful, yet simple concept and intriguing character needs no explanation or user manual: Ready to to be used, to be played in, and be worked in. With its 4.50 m diameter the big version can host up to 16 people at once, offering a comfortable and sensual soft space, various siting positions, configurations for informal meetings and social exchange."
Impractical? Certainly? Kinda creepy? Maybe. BUT I WANT IT. We aren't co-sleepers in my house (not for lack of kids just don't want me to be an alterna Mommy), but this could certainly sweeten the pot. (Does the lamp come with the nest?)

From a foreign language site that may be affiliated with Elle? This is just awesome in my opinion...minus the danger-osity of the lack of side rails on the the top bed. There is something about this that just seems so charming! (I'm sure the kids would have different opinions...can you imagine kids sharing beds like this in high school?)

From the blog The Art of Doing STUFF, a chicken coop! I want it. I want it. I want it. No one else in my house eats eggs...but I would have about 3 boys to collect them for me! Farmer's omelet every morning? Yes please! Just gotta teach Miles how to use the stove.

Front Yard Inspiration
Our journey into front yard landscaping and entry renovation has left us dejected, feeling poor, and looking like we aren't going to be able to do much. So I'm tempted to delete this board from Pinterest because it just makes me sad.

From the blog Young House Love, this is the front entry of my dreams. At least in my dreams of what our current house situation is. It's not terribly extravagant, but to get it on our house, we are looking at the cost of re-doing our kitchen. And although it may seem like Sophie's choice, the kitchen would always be my first choice.

Stone Egg Candle Lanterns - VivaTerra contemporary outdoor lighting

From the site houzz, these stone egg candle lanterns. Modern, functional and fun!

Everyone loves a little giggle in the day...

From dingdang. I love a good pi reference.

From The Meta Picture. I love all that conspiracy stuff.

I may not be a Pinterest power user anymore, but I really do love it...c'mon and follow me!

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  1. I am not sure about Pinterest and following you. I have nothing to offer, but I enjoy all of your tidbits today. I have to try the yogurt covered blueberries! And the front entryway, and the stone lantern, etc. etc.