Thursday, April 5, 2012


Felix is a chatty Kathy.

Yesterday I had 2 very distinct moments when I paused, and thought: "my baby can talk. And he is making sense."

I know, I know. He isn't a baby...but I am having a hard time realizing that he has hit this stage of real "person-hood."

During last night's thunderstorm, as I was holding his hand from the spare bed (he on the floor...see previous post if you need background), he looked at me and whispered:

"I'm scared."

Be still my heart. First, he said "I'm" and not "Me." (We are at the stage of "Me did it!"). Second, he identified his emotion with language, not a bite or hit or hug or slap.

Y'all...this is big time.

So I held that boy's hand for at least an hour. He may be scrappy, but he has feelings. And I am always quick to pin Miles as the scared and timid one--Felix is the brave and outgoing one.

The second moment that made me pause was when Felix said to me:

"Me doing ba-ley!"

Translation: I'm doing ballet. (pronounced ba, as in bat).


First, he is talking like Billy Elliot (I always wanted my kids to have British/Irish accents). Second, Felix is currently obsessed with ba-ley. Not as much as bugs, but a close second.

Culprit: this video:

I first saw this in the car while I was processing my blogs on Google reader (Eric driving). I came across this video while looking at the A Cup of Jo blog, and played the video because it said it had music to Radiohead. The boys in the back were all, "what that Mommy?" So I showed them the video, and Felix was hooked. He asks to see this video at least once a day: "Watch ba-ley. Dancer leaping. Dance sleeping." I'm not sure where the sleeping part fits, but I think it has to do with the sheets waving in the back. Miles likes to narrate the play by play, and Felix just watches in amazement. It is pretty impressive. Last night, Felix said, "that's mommy." Score! It ain't Kate Middleton, but I'll take it. And then Miles said, "that guy is Daddy." Bwahahaha.
The concept that Felix thinks he is doing ba-ley and leaping around the house just tickles me. For so long we had been marveling at his pretending to be a tickle monster or bear...but picturing this kid in tights slays me. Ballet. Bugs. Biting. Yeah, he's 2. Leave it to thunderstorm and men in tights that makes me realize my son is growing up. Self-awareness is amazing, isn't it? So, thrown into the mix of professions for Felix: entomologist, the next Baryshnikov...or cannibal.

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  1. Amazing! I can't wait to hear him first hand. The film is wonderful, too. Perhaps he can be a ballet dancer who likes bugs or an entomologist who dances for fun?