Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Let's be honest.

I'm not one of the secret winners of the Mega Millions, and I'm not going to pretend like that wack-a-doo lady who is milking her 15 minutes of fame with the whole "oh, I lost a ca-jillion dollar lottery ticket, oops!"

But Eric and I spent some quality time figuring out how to manage the money if we won it.

I would like to think we would be financially responsible, but there has got to be some splurging, no?

We've line itemed a personal chef.

Listen, I love to cook and bake, but if I'm going to be a professional philanthropist, I might not have time to make homemade organic meals each night. And what's $75,000 for a personal chef in the grand scheme of $200 million?

Truth is, I don't have that time now.

One of the struggles I have with being a full time working mother is that dinner at my house has turned into a 3 ring circus. It's better now that I am not contending with an ornery and needy 20 month old toddler while a baby hangs off my milk machine and I am simultaneously trying to stir a pot of something wholesome and puree baby food with any limb that is free. But from the time I pick up the boys  to the time I throw them in the bath (I don't throw...they  jump), my house is a cacophony of disorganized noise, (not sure noise is ever organized at my house) and dinner has suffered.

So, yeah. I didn't win the lottery. Wait, I forgot to play.

And my dreams of a personal chef (along with endowing my boy's childcare, hiring my co-worker as my personal stylist, building an amazing eco-friendly modular home, paying off all family members' mortgages, and funding the education of my children, my niece's and my good friends' kids), were spoiled.

Unless you count "Annie" and "John" as part of our residence's culinary team.

Wait. That's only hypothetical. I TOTALLY make homemade meals every night. Right.

Over the last 2 years, meal planning has been sporadic at best. And most Thursdays and Fridays we have hypothetical pizza delivered to our house.

I.just.can't.keep up.

Insert image of dark clouds parting making way for a singular ray of sunshine to grace my furrowed brow.

My children's childcare extraordinaire e-mailed me about a meal delivery service run by a daughter of one of the teachers at Eric's school.


Her name is Molly and she runs "Molly's Meals."
Transparancy: I am completely trying to drum up business for her solely because she has a good thing going, is wicked cute and passionate about food, and has changed the devastation of the weekly 7 days of failed dinners at my house. I am getting no compensation and this is completely voluntary promotion that she didn't ask for (but did approve).

You want the nuts and bolts? Perhaps nuts and berries is more appropriate...or completely inappropriate, depending on the maturity level you are currently operating at:

  • Molly is a young (twenty something), energetic, culinary school hopeful
  • Every week she e-mails out a menu of 2 dishes that she will make and delivery to your home
  • E-mails are sent every Tuesday, orders are made before 5pm on Friday
  • She uses all organic ingredients from the Farmer's Market (Word!)
  • Meals are delivered Sunday before 5pm and...drum roll...DELIVERY IS FREE!  (Word x2!)
  • There is no subscription fee. If you like her week's offerings, just e-mail her back. If not, wait until the next week.
  • Prices are around $17-$25 for a meal that serves 4 adults (and I contend it lasts more than 4 servings)
  • I also confirmed she babysits; if she delivers to your house, you'll know why I asked her. I can smell a good babysitter from a mile away
Hello! Done and DONE. I am not superwoman, and I've tried to be for too long. I need help, and this has come at a great time. Is it a luxury? Sure, but worth every penny. And, I feel so good about helping a passionate young gal (do I sound like an old fart saying that? I'm pretty sure people used to say that about me in my youth) who has a great fledgling business going.

So, the rule is that if we get a Molly's Meal for the week, we cannot get any hypothetical pizza.

I've already gotten 2 of my co-workers to get on her route, and a neighbor, and I figured there could at least be one other Atlanta person who would like to get on her distribution list. Totally worth my blog real estate if you ask me.

In case you need some temptation, take a gander at this week's offerings (taken right from the e-mail she sends out):

Ginger-Beer Grilled Chicken with Creamy Potato Salad
Fine ingredients combine to make a dish worthy of a spring celebration. I will prepare chicken quarters doused in a barbeque sauce of ginger beer, black tea, onion, tomatoes, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire, a little brown sugar and thyme (and yes, butter!) And to top it all off will be the classic accompaniment of potato salad. I promise this chicken will be a healthy version of finger-lickin-good! Along with the chicken is a simple, delicious potato salad that has been a Southern tradition for years.I combine crisp celery, white potatoes, spicy red onion, fresh dill, mayonnaise, whole-grain mustard, kosher salt and cracked black pepper for a creamy concoction that is crazed with flavor.A bite of my potato salad with tender chicken is a wonderful way to end the work day at dinner time with your family.Savor the flavor with this delectable dish!!This meal comes in two sizes.The regular size serves 4 adults and is $22.00.The large size serves 8 adults and is $44.00

Taco Soup with Zucchini Bread
I decided to make my final soup of the season one to remember by both kids (kids especially!!) and adults.I refer to this recipe as the “chili remix”-to make the soup, I use unique ingredients and Mexican spices to create a taste that is similar to eating a fresh taco with savory ground beef and delicious toppings.I use sweet Vidalia onions, fresh corn, juicy tomatoes, green chiles, and various types of beans to create a nutrient packed meal filled with flavor. If the client prefers, I will use black and green olives in the soup as well!! This entrĂ©e is served with freshly baked Zucchini bread- I know this sounds like a crazy combination with the soup, but trust me…. It totally works!! THINK: Savory + Sweet = Perfect Pair. I combine freshly grated Zucchini, chopped walnuts, cinnamon, and a touch of nutmeg to make a bread that is so natural and hearty---- You Can’t Get Enough!!This meal comes in two sizes.The regular size serves 4 adults and is $25.00.The large size serves 8 and is $50.00
 **Please make all orders by Friday before 5 P.M.
 **All deliveries will be made on Sunday before 5 P.M.Please have all reusable dishes and payment for meals (cash or check) ready for pick-up during delivery on Sunday

 As Always, Thank You for Your Business!!
 Molly Greenwood are welcome.

E-mail her.



  1. seriously - i wrote your blog post in the form of an email to my best friend only days ago. "I want to hire a personal chef to cook dinner for my family on M-TH nights" is an exact quote. As I said on FB, I wish Molly lived in WI!

  2. We had fun pondering what we would do with our millions as well (but neglected to buy a ticket, too).
    I am lucky to be married to our personal chef!
    Truly, when you have a two working parent household, you need to secure some professional help with house cleaning, cooking, etc. It's a trade off - you earn more but have no time.
    Molly's Meals sounds fantastic! What an enterprising young woman! It's a bonus that she is able to prepare delicious sounding meals and has the writing skills to describe them so enticingly. Yum - good luck to her.