Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mammary Game

Have you ever secretly wanted to be a toddler or preK(id) again?

I mean, minus the whole tantrums and "that which shall not be uttered" business.
You can buckle yourself into your car seat...
(but when you are tired, Mom still seems to do it for you)
You are more physically independent...
(but when you are sick, Mom still rubs your back)
You are still required to take a looooong nap. (At least at my house.)
And you start to play with really fun games, like MEMORY! Or, "mammary" as my children prefer.

Don't get me wrong, I love a rousing game of London Bridge and Candy Land...but I'm starting to get giddy thinking about playing things like Mancala. Games that require strategy!

For Miles's birthday, my bestie from Wisconsie (oooh...approximate rhyme FAIL) outdid herself and sent us this little number:
I mean, totally amazing, right?
She outlines her crafting prowess over here. This could be my the favorite toy of the year. And the fact that she used rogue scraps of fabric, all of which I think I want to make pillows with (if I could sew) and sell on etsy, is so resourceful.
I got weepy looking through the lot; I saw fabric from FOUR YEARS AGO for Miles's first pair of Schlocks that Amy made...and then the fabric from the matching bird pj pants she made after Felix was born. And then more Schlock fabric and even our recent pillow fabric from our craft exchange.
(I made that last one up, but the composition just screamed for a threesome.)
Memory is a great game for those of us with competitive streaks...and OCD.
It's like Miles is at the age where I can *house* him in the game, but still secretly make it so it seems like he found the matches on his own.
Don't be mistaken--he's got some made Memory skillz.
But I'm better.
And I like to win.
Yes. I have skipped pages in books at night, and I have intentionally won at games with my children. But I promise it's the exception, not the rule.
And there is something (pathologically) satisfying about cleaning up the game.
Miles and I organize the blocks in all sorts of repeating patterns and then put them back into the box all single file like a 3rd grade line of children off to library.
See? Memory = rife with strategy.
Felix likes to throw them. (Score another for the non-destructive quality of the toy/game!) And find the tractor square announcing "I MATCHED THE TRACTOR!"
We are working on the whole "matching" concept.
I really am obsessed with quality, handmade gifts.
Yes, they have to be quality.
 I only accept sub par crafts done by the 4 and under contingency.

The sentimental nature of this gift (both in the creator and in the content) really pulls at my heart strings.
There is something about the thought and intent that even gets me weepy now! Like I just got choked up scrolling up through pictures of fabric squares. No joke.

I was sitting with Miles playing this (it happens most nights now) while Felix did a little naked leaping around the room, and was feeling very "present."

No fancy iPad.
No batteries.
Just the 2 of us. (What up Will Smith)
Enjoying the strategy.
Collecting the spoils of our rigged turns.
Feeling like a kid again.


  1. I adore this gift. Memory was my favorite when I was little. I'm putting in a paid order for when I have kids one day.

  2. Oh! I'm so glad that it is getting played with!!

  3. What a fantastic gift on so many levels - nostalgia, craftiness, memory skills, matching, art appreciation, "no" tech. Amy is amazing!

  4. What an AWESOME gift! Can I preorder a set for my unborn child?