Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Love.These.Boys. (and my camera phone...)

Thanks to these 2 crazy cats for making me fulfill my life's purpose. (And for being willing to wear their Mom's and Grandma's sunglasses when it was too bright at the air show. Function before fashion is how they roll. I thought they were cute. Eric called them Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un.)

Yeah, I'm a day late with my post, but as I recently pinned on my Pinterest board:

We had a lovely, low-key Mother's day with the boys and my in-laws.
  • Sleep in until almost 9am? Check!
  • Man-made breakfast of champions (ie, pancakes, sausage, and local doughnut shop confectioneries)? Check!
  • Ridiculously cute Mother's day crafts from the boys' school? Check!

  • Comfy giraffe t-shirt from the boys? Check! (ummm, when did they learn how to use etsy?)

I also got cute cards and an "About My Mom" survey that Miles filled out at school.

Hmmm...funny...the week before I tortured both boys into trying to answer a Mother's day questionnaire I found online. (No wonder they were resistant!)

I think 3-4 is the year you do these questionnaires for Mother's Day. I had 4 friends post their questionnaires on Facebook. It' (And as evidenced by Felix's video below, 2 is a little too young to get anything of substance out of a questionnaire.)

I'd like to say that I would do this every year and see how the answers change, but
A) I cannot even follow-through with my 52 weeks of mail (ummm, anyone notice it got stuck on 23?), and
B) I don't really love the questionnaire I found on Google. (ummm, anyone think it is a good idea to ask a post-natal woman how much she weighs? That being said, I rarely mention my weight-gainers plan, but another Mother's Day gift was that I hit a goal weight. Now I just have to tone the extra baggage.)

Before the videos are a few links to my favorite "ode to Mother's Day" blog posts. Gotta get them in before the yawn fest begins (although around 1:28 seconds on Miles's video and he does a booty show.)

A Prayer for All Mother's By Tina Fey, posted on Momastery
Here's To Us, posted on Scary Mommy
Am I Mom Enough? (

  Cliffs Notes:
  • Felix thinks I am 2 and like to play princess.
  • He got 4 lollipops for pooping on the potty 4 times that day at school. No joke.  
  • Miles cannot handle being serious when he can see himself being taped on the iPad.
  • He does a "booty show" around 1:28 min showing off his new day of the week underwear.
To all you Moms out are amazing!

Especially my Mom/Mahna/Anne. I think my best friend Rebecca, sent the most beautiful message to her (insert tears...):

Happy Mother's Day to one of the most kind, gentle, and devoted mothers I know. Have a terrific day today, Anne.


  1. Thanks sharing for the wonderful Mother's Day videos. I agree that that is not the best questionnaire for young children. It seems the person who developed it doesn't really know how young children think. That said, we used to do them at school, and the answers are fun to keep and remember. I love the boys' gifts to you. Miles is so almost 4 with the booty wiggle. Next he'll be making rude noises with his underarms..! They both melt my heart.

  2. Oh, and I love each of the links and the gifts that the boys made and gave you. All are wonderful.
    The message from Rebecca brings tears to my eyes. She's a sweetie.