Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pomp and Circumstance: Etsy style

You know how people transformed "Google" into a verb?

I am doing it with

You heard it here first. I am addicted to etsying.

I've waxed on about my love for etsy, and outside of Amazon, it's the first place I go to when looking to buy a gift. (Can Ms. Etsy please get on that whole PRIME membership bandwagon? I love me some free shipping.)

It is graduation time! We have a number of close family friends graduating from both high school and college. Oh, don't forgot Miles is graduating from childcare...(shudder, denial).

And I was wicked excited about some of the gifts that we (and by "we" I mean me, myself, and I) got for a recent college graduate. Eric's contribution was giving me the blessing to spend more than $25 as we now have a system of mutual permission for expenses over 25 bucks. (Don't ask me about the recent legit kitchen compost bin I ordered sans permission to replace the mini office trash can I called the leaking pit of eternal stench. Big spender here. Thirty bones. Spent a fortune on my sarcasm, too.)

Thankfully, I've received kudos for both the graduate purchases and the compost bin from Eric. (Mama knows best, honey.)

So. I'm totally going to help you with a gift you may need to get a graduating girl. (Sorry boys, your gifts are comprised of non-etsy stuff like autographed copies of running magazines, shoes, and running singlets.)

Bingo, bango, voila! Sprinkled Joy came through big time. Nice, huh? The photos below are from her listing (not the graduate that I purchased for).

I chose a chevron pattern and a heart "marker" for the city where her college is located. I used the school's colors as well. I literally "etsyied" (or would it be etsied?) Sprinkled Joy, and got a reply with a proof that day. We had to make a few changes, and then it was seriously at my doorstep before I could blink. I put it in a frame, and it's off to the new graduate!

I also got a girl graduate a necklace, which I am still contemplating keeping for myself. It's from Simple Sweet Studio:

It's a past, present, and future necklace. Fitting, no? I love its delicacy, meaning, and simplicity. It came incredibly fast in the cutest little box, too.

Check the shops out!

Have I said how much I love etsying?

Note: I received no compensation or special deals for my posting/review. I searched for these myself, picked them out of the thousands of listings, and was a happy customer--glad to leave glowing reviews of great service and products.


  1. First, I am excited about the new compost bin! Can't wait to see it.
    Second, the gifts are wonderful! You had described them to me, but being a visual person, I am able to appreciate better with photos. She will be touched, I am sure.

  2. I just clicked on every link in your last few posts in an effort to copy your life. As a result, I added a book about private parts to my Amazon Wish List.