Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recipe for a good party

This picture is brought to you by Instagram
We had a lovely, low-key 4th birthday party for Miles.

(Not as low-key as Felix's. His was technically "no-key." Umm...we didn't have one. Donations to Felix's PayPal therapy account forthcoming.)

We invited just a couple of his school/family/'hood friends and had what I call a play date on steroids.

How are you oozing such creativity, Ali?
I have to thank Pinterest leading me to another blog for the mason jar/cupcake liner idea: 

(Compost clean-up is uh-mazing.)

I mean, did you come up with any of this stuff on your own?
Nope. Not even the (incredibly dangerous) grapes on a stick.

And the hydrangeas?
Leftovers from Eric's track banquet.

Dirt cake in the real plant pots?
All Martha on this one.

(I highly recommend the recipe: SINFUL. Make your own whipped cream. Go big or go home, right? The baking the pots for 3 hours was a little tedious...but I guess sanitation is good when dealing with children.)

Tea light?
Power outage stash.
Didn't even have a proper birthday candle.

And this kid?
Got him on clearance.

Due to this woman and her failed parenting.
(No one should trust a face like hers.)

I also made other people's recipes for Tri-Colore Orzo (yes, the "e" is supposed to be there) and Cucumber-Watermelon Salad.

There was no structure. Just playing in the sandbox, throwing balls on the roof, coloring with chalk on the driveway, scooting around on our ride-on toys, and then running through the sprinkler.

Oh, and baby ogling.

"Hey, I'm *realllllly* cute, m'kay?"

"What? You want me to smile?"

"Oh, fine..."

There was also a set of 5 month old twins and an almost 1-year-old baby at our house.


What was that?

My ovaries just burst.

And of course, the afternoon ended with our family and our "chosen" family (the D family) shooting the breeze after everyone left.

First these two slept next to each other, now they are "sprinkling" together.
I mean, couldn't the picture below be right off of a Papyrus greeting card?
I call it "topless tutorial."
I'm no photographer, and the lighting/composition isn't perfect...but the juxtaposition of these two slays me.

Life really is good.

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  1. Blubber, blubber! I'm a mess! I just love those pics you caught of my little one. And it really was just a perfect party for my "first baby" Miles! Love you guys!