Monday, May 21, 2012

Video Killed the Radio Star

~Ah, lame post title~

I wanted some witty title to pay homage to the amazing tune by the Buggles, but I couldn't get "Instagram" and "SLR" to give me the same British synthpop magic. Shucks.


True story.

I had a conceptual post in my mind about the iPhone and Instagram and how it has turned everyone into an Annie Lebovitz while at the same time slowly causing the demise of the SLR. But the post was just a newly fertilized zygote, unsure if it wanted to nestle into the cushy walls of the proverbial literary uterus and turn into a masterpiece.
That was cray-cray imagery, Ali. I just pictured a blank piece of paper floating down a fallopian tube. 

Basically, I didn't have a single cogent sentence put together in my mind, and was all "Holy bovine! I have lost the command of the English language and am pretty sure I am thinking in photographs. Not sure how well this will translate into all my work reports. Hope clients like Wingdings!"

Is this thinking in pictures a disorder in the DSM-5?
I need to ask my sister-in-law who has probably diagnosed me with a multitude of psychiatric disorders over the course of this blog.

And then my pretend friend at This Place is Now a Home went ahead and did it for me. Thanks, girl!

And by pretend friend, I mean I got connected to her when one of my closest friends from growing up sent me her blog during a time she was blogging about pumping up the jams and pumping out the baby food. (Don't steal that line--it's my unwritten book title!  I don't have a lawyer to sue you...but I do have a 2-year-old who will break your skin with his canines, picks his nose and either eats it or smears it on you, and who has recently started putting his index finger in his bum with the exploratory curiosity of Lews and Clark.)

Ah, yes. Another amazing Mommy photographer and writer who has this blogging thing in the bag. She is cute, accomplished, funny, and I love her blog. Aaand, I totally am hoping she doesn't blacklist me for calling her out on my blog (Don't worry, K, I have 3.5 followers.) We've exchanged some e-mails, and I quickly moved her into my Google Reader folder "Almost Personal" where I host all of my Internet Mommy Blogger Crushes. Like--can we please be friends?

(That has GOT to be in the DSM-5...)

I suggest you go and read her post (then follow her) as she perfectly articulates the struggle of trying to keep up taking the real deal banana peel (my overused bumper sticker quote) SLR pictures.

Yet, there is something liberating, easy, and "artistic" about being able to take cool picture, slap on a "1977 Filter", and then put all the equipment back into my pocket.
Scratch that.
I ended up getting the Zack Morris Ottorbox Defender series. I can barely fit the darn phone in my purse.

I don't have to know a lick about ISO, F stops, exposure, etc. I just have to click a button, and then decide if Sutro, Amaro, or Valencia gives the photo the best effect.
(Actually, I pretty much stick to the Walden and Sierra filters.)

Everyone can do it.

But there is still something about that ole ball and chain of the Cannon EOS rebel that takes the most amazing photos.

I just need to learn how to use it.

Or continue to try to get my husband to do it.

In the meantime, I've been exploring with Instagram, and even figured out how to have my blog automatically post the last 2 pictures that I have taken--huzzah! (It's on the right sidebar.)

If you have instagram, come follow me @teamheintz.
Or don't.
My feelings won't be hurt.

The picture of Miles and the totally trans fat free, made with vegetables, cholesterol lowering doughnut in the beginning was my first iPhone Instagram photo.
I was hooked.
And the picture of Miles in the tub from his 4th birthday post was another Insta-amazing-photo I got.


Below are some of my favs:

Birthday Kite

Felix with a 103.3 degree fever



Dead arm hang: Nature Preserve Style

Hygiene: the dental variety

City Blocks

The end.



  1. Okay. I didn't even understand most of that, given I can barely take a picture on my minimal Canon basic camera...Am I the .5?

  2. I enjoyed reading the blog post from "This is Now Your Home", and Owen is a cutie!