Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day: 2012

Happy Father's Day! 

We had a lovely Saturday spent up in Canton where Eric ran a 10 mile trail race. Despite his fever and URI, he finished 2nd. (The irony in Miles's chanting "GO NUMBER 2!" all weekend is not lost on anyone. ) The boys anxiously awaited seeing him a few times throughout the course. Felix calmed his nerves by inhaling dried fruit, and Miles went the spiritual route and kept doing "Namaste" for him.

We've been battling a few sniffles, coughs and fevers over here, but Eric summoned the energy to do some experimentation with the boys courtesy of the never ending fun of vinegar and baking soda. And we got a twofor: entertainment and a ceiling cleaning.


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  1. I am so sorry to learn that Eric is sick (and ran anyway)! Please congratulate him for me and give him my get well wishes.
    I love the double entendre of "Go #2" at the race.
    There is nothing quite as fun as baking soda and vinegar! Good for slow drains, too. We can do the corn starch and water goop when I am down.