Friday, June 1, 2012


Four years ago, I had to drop this BABY off at childcare...
And then this week I watched while this BIG BOY had his childcare "gradulation" (as both boys call it).

I'm at a loss for words at the moment in terms of expressing my gratitude and feelings about his childcare, the Early Learning Center. The center materialized (like, literally and figuratively) right before I went back to work...and the beacon in many a dark day has been another member of my "chosen" family, Ms. JoAnn (or as Miles calls her Mrs. JoAnn. Finally acknowledging she's married!)

(Can you hold children back in childcare? If so, I'd like to apply to do so.)

We are leaving with lifetime best friends.
I mean, can it get more precious than two little boys holding hands while watching a video montage of their first years of life?
Thank you Marist ELC, and a special thank you to Ms. JoAnn--the first woman outside of our family that he fell in love with.

I do have some comfort in knowing that Felix will still be at the ELC next year. It's like a slow weaning process for our family. Without the clogged ducts and awkward letdowns.  And just because Felix will always play second fiddle...I had to recount some cute Felix moments.

When Fr. H. opened the ceremony with a prayer and asked all of the kids "why are we here today?" Felix screamed "MILES!!" Insert cute laughter from the peanut gallery. Then Fr. mentioned something about graduation, and then Felix said "BRAD GRADUATING!" Brad, you see, is his babysitter and Ms. JoAnn's son, and he just graduated from High school. It was very cute. And then to top it off, he screamed to Ms. Beth (another teacher), "MS. BETH! BEES LIKE HONEY!!!" I mean, the kid has no filter. Nor does he have any volume control.

Finally, I just needed to recount one (of many) moments I welled up with tears. Ms JoAnn was giving her speech about each of the children and said that when Miles looks up to her and says "HAND!" reaching out to hold her hand, she is not sure if she is holding his hand or he is holding hers. TEARS! I cannot imagine a better situation in which my children to have spent the first years of their life.


  1. Awww! This makes me weep! I agree as a grandmother and preschool educator that ELC is The Most Wonderful Day Care Center and Mrs. JoAnn the best nurturer, too. Your hearts must swell with gratitude, pride and love for both Miles and Felix.

  2. I am not sure why my comments are registering...

  3. I got a little weepy with this post. I also find it so amazing that Miles looks EXACTLY the way he did as a baby (but older, obviously).

    And Felix continues to crack me up ALWAYS.

  4. It has been my privelege to spend 4wonderful years watching Miles grow. He has made each of my days "sunny days" and leaves the ELC with a piece of my heart! One comment - why didn't this post have a "tissue alert"?!

  5. That is just too precious and you really made me stop and just really comprehend the line: I mean, can it get more precious than two little boys holding hands while watching a video montage of their first years of life?

    Wow. Think of all the learning and growing that's taken place in Miles first four years of life. Makes it so much more profound when you think of all the life he has yet to live.