Monday, June 25, 2012


I'm on this "title your posts after your children's inability to say words correctly" kick.
Jofess = Joseph
Cinnamon = Simeon
You-dah = Judah
Jen-ja-min = Benjamin


Anyone know where I am going with this one?

Nope, we didn’t sign up for vacation bible school this summer (um, did you know VBS is free?) and the book of Genesis hasn’t replaced Ickle and Lardee at night.

Let's just say there is a lot of Technicolor bible-thumpin' happening in my house.

It started innocently with the middle school version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at my boys’ school the other month. I have to say, my boys have seen their fair share of musical theater courtesy of Marist School, but this one sparked their inner A.L.Webber.

After the Marist production, I searched YouTube to find some video snippets and stumbled upon a full length version. Except there was a 4 second delay between the movement and singing, and it really started to bristle me.

Bingo-bango-magic. The DVD showed up at my doorstep, and within a week I started singing about fratricide, butle-ing and children of Israel on my commute in to work.

Our family is obsessed. INCLUDING ERIC. And yes, I just screamed at you through capital letters.

Last night at the urging of Miles, we started role playing “Jofess” and the scene where the Technicolor dreamcoat is ripped to shreds and doused in goat blood. (Bee tee dubs. All you need is a colorful towel, willing participants, and a healthy imagination.)

For some kids it is Spiderman.
Others it is Thomas or princesses.
For mine, it’s Potiphar, Naphtali, and Issachar.

And for me? It has taken me a month, but I am ready to admit that I now have an unhealthy obsession with Donny Osmond.

He has joined the ranks of my non-sexual crushes:
Jimmy Fallon
Lester Holt (only when he wears those dark-rimmed glasses)
Ellen DeGeneres
Anderson Cooper with the giggle fits

I double toucan dare you to watch this video and not feel that rush of warm pass over you at exactly 4:01.

According to Miles, Felix is the little girl boy dressed up like Luigi with the green shirt and white hat, circa 2:36, while Miles is one of the more refined "big boys" in the white button down shirt. I don't think either of them want to be Joseph because they keep distressing and lamenting to me that he must be really cold in jail. Or maybe they are afraid of what looks like a glorified diaper. (You know, I did mess them both up with all that diaper/potty brouhaha.)

Boys...if I were a male in my 40s and had that body, I wouldn't want to wear clothes either. C'mon...admit it. He's got a better rack than I do.

Say what you will, but there is something about the permed extensions and the loin cloth.


  1. I am with you all in the obesssion (re-ignited from years back when we saw it in Boston).

  2. i thought of you this past weekend. every year nate's brother participates in his church's dinner theater performance called "bits of broadway" and every year we go to it. This year they had a Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat medley as the finale, including Close Every Door. Alas, Donny Osmond was not a part of the performance!