Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Woot Woot! No pool pooping!

Felix made it through an extended lesson without releasing the contents of his colon.

And Miles had his first swim lesson.

Yeah, yeah, it was book ended with tears, but apparently he floated on his back, used a kick board, and last night he told me about 10 times he wanted to invite his teacher Jack over to our house.

And then the switcheroo today.

Apparently Miles's class was a little too full (read: he was totally a drowning threat whereas the other 4 year olds were perfecting their under-water-spinny-things. I know, how does a nascent swimmer like me throw around that professional lingo so easily?).

So Jack went back up the beanstalk, and Eric had to drop him off with 2 new teachers. A young girl, and a guy with wicked long dreads.
Tears again.

Luckily, this kid likes playing with hair and young girls.

Here's hoping to work the switcheroo in our favor.

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