Thursday, July 5, 2012

And July in her eyes hath place

Let's see if any of my old high school madrigal singers can NAME THAT TUNE!
And if you scan a picture of us in the madrigal garb and send it to me to post and laugh at, I'll totally pretend to buy you a sloth.

July is upon is!
And it was time to force my children into watching live fireworks for the first time.

I title this iPhone gem: "Ear Muffs"

The only way to get a 2 and 4 year old to voluntarily lie down and watch loud and scary fireworks is to do the following:

Bribe them with rainbow lollipops at 8AM

(Did I mention you have to do the same with Mahnas? Although, they are a little more picky and need fruit, too. You know how grandparents are about fiber.)

And then you need to sit them in front of the Dunwoody parade to distract them with the world's largest potato float. No. Really. It was a  HUGE plaster potato on wheels.
(Clearly Felix was impressed.)

Finally, you must take a 3+ hour nap with them. (Darn...I *hate* those obligatory naps.)

Easy Peasy.

The boys both did great at the fireworks.
We determined they looked like fruit, sprinkles, and Christmas.
Miles also told us that they smelled like popcorn.
Eric said it was more of a charred molybdenum scent.

Happy Heat Wave To Most of America!


  1. The song: April is in my Mistress Face! Do I win?

    Great pics, they are getting so big! Looks like you had a great time.

    Also, I ready the blog post today about the sloth gift and laughed my a** off. Her book is hysterical.

  2. By the way...this is Tracey

  3. Tracey got there first, but I knew it too! Too bad my photos of the madrigal singers are a few years ahead of you... :) - Leah