Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gratitude revisited

I call this "five hours before the wrath of God descends on Eric's digestive track"

(I tell ya, I cannot get enough instagram. Just enough fuzzies on the filters to hide wrinkles, blemishes, and forehead veins.)

We had a lovely whirlwind weekend in Asheville prematurely celebrating (you know how this family rolls), our 6th wedding anniversary as well as our good family friend's 21st birthday. (We are deeply grateful to the M family for helping to make it happen.)

Eric is currently at running camp for the week, which must be awesome when you have not eaten in days and hold permanent court at a communal toilet.

Sometimes I love to shake my head with a giggle and be like, "only in my life!" And then other times I say things like, "gee willikers! This is poopy." (Just replace all of the words with expletives and maybe a tear or two.)

I've had a hard time gaining perspective this week, and am acknowledging it as my current weakness. I've allowed a host of unfavorable events build up and seep into my psyche. But I am consciously refusing this to let this turn me into one of Shakespeare's tragedies.

I remember when I was pregnant with Miles and had to keep a gratitude journal during those weeks I was too sick to even contemplate the miracle of life. I'm thinking of picking that back up after the past 2 weeks.

First, I am going to take a little breather and actually refrain from pouring out my soul on the blog of all the rubbish that has been slung this way recently.

Thankfully, my mom is currently in my residence and can give me life coaching in person (ie, I don't need to passive aggressively look for her support through my blog posts).

And after a few self-fulfilling prophetic moments from the blog, I think keeping negative energy off the screen may be a good thing.

So today I take a step back.
Take a deep breath.
And pray for no more vomit or diarrhea from my troops, m'kay?

And commit to feeling grateful for at least one new thing each day. While I will most likely keep my gratitude journal off of the blog, I christen the misson below.

  • Today, I am grateful that Eric soldiered through the sickness and is still at camp. This year he is forgoing any sort of payment (anonymously) so that one of his runners, who could not afford it,  can attend. I am grateful for his selflessness and resolve.
  • I am also grateful for the time my  Mom is getting to spend with the boys. Sure, it's exhausting and they can be mercurial, indecorous, and refuse to sleep...but there is nothing like seeing your children fall into the arms of their grandparent.

Smile on...


  1. sorry you are having some rough spots! thinking of you!!!

    if it makes you feel better, if only for a second, you look SMOKIN' in that photo. :)

  2. thinking of you and sending you a hug! and to echo what amy said -- you definitely look gorgeous in that pic!

  3. FANTASTIC picture of you and Eric. Oh my friend, I need to take a page from your book. Gratitude journal sounds like just what I need... Does that mean I get to go buy a new journal?

  4. I think everyone needs a gratitude journal...it's just so easy to ignore the good stuff when things are going crazy. I know I need one! I hope things start to get easier and that all the traveling coming up is good for the soul! LGM

  5. yes, I agree! Great picture! You look amazing! :)