Thursday, July 5, 2012


I pretty much force interviews on my poor boys every fortnight. (I have to make all of those Shakespearean classes I took good for something!) You lucksters don't get to see the volumes of videos I have of these kids; I usually just pull the special reserves out of the cellar for the blog. 
The following is just another repeat of the same questions (and the same answers) of me interrogating Miles. Truthfully, I am just waiting until his favorite animal is no longer a reindeer. He still puts on the sillies and to me acts about one point one repeating his junior. But, the timing of the thunder clap in the following clip is just too good not to share. (Some translation, he says he is afraid of "loud noise".) Also, if you listen closely, you hear me ask him to say "hamburger" because he says it "han-gerber", but instead he says "han-gerber mugiss" because he anticipates me asking him to say "music" as well. You think we ask him to say words he mispronounces much???

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